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“She was a young girl full of projects”

They were several hundred young people to have positioned themselves on either side of the Chaussée de Tournai this Thursday noon to pay tribute to their young friend who died Tuesday evening, a few hours after being hit by a biker while she was crossing the street just in front of the Saint-Luc Institute. They all wore a picture of Cheyenne, which they waved as the moving cars passed by. The Institut Saint-Luc wanted to show in a visible way its “sadness in the face of this tragedy and this injustice. Something solemn, in calm, in silence, without overflow, in respect, thinking very hard about Cheyenne ”.

►► Among the students and teachers, we found in particular Martine Endron, Cheyenne’s aunt: she testifies (video)

►► The students are still in shock: “It could have happened to anyone”


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