Saturday, 19 Jan 2019

Sherine assaults a journalist at the funeral of her father … and Ahmed Hilmi Saves the situation

Al-Nahar learned that the artist #Sherine Abdel Wahab I assaulted a journalist in a private Egyptian newspaper while covering her father’s consolation in a mosque in Cairo.

Shireen watched the journalist take pictures of condolences, rushed and attracted by her hair even though she wears the hijab, beat her, and grabbed the mobile phone from her hands and rapped it with a barrage of insult and insults, until she scanned the pictures on the phone.

Although the journalist responded to Shirin, a number of artists intervened to end the situation, including her husband Hossam Habib and actor Ahmed Hilmi and Ramaz Jalal who tried to calm the parties.

The journalist tried to edit a record against Shirin after the end of the condolence, but the latter and her mother and brother Mohammed apologized to them.

Sherine was prevented from filming at the beginning of the funeral, which was attended by a large number of artists, most notably Asala, Latifa, Angham and Ahmed Hilmi.

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