Shin Tae-yong regretted Qatar’s U-19 national team had to be broken into at the last minute


Indonesia U-19 national team coach Shin Tae-yong sorry his team conceded in the last minute when we met Qatar. This made Garuda Muda have to settle for a 1-1 draw.

The 1-1 score ended the U-19 vs Qatar national team match in a trial match at the Velika Gorica Stadium, Zagreb, Sunday (20/9/2020). Highlights of this match can be watched on Grindstone TV through this link.

Indonesia was able to excel first in the 62nd minute through a goal from Saddam Gaffar utilizing a long throw from Pratama Arhan. However, this imminent victory had to be scrapped at the last minute.

Qatar equalized in the 89th minute with a penalty from Osamah Abdulkarim Altairi. The white point was given to Lucas Nardi’s team because Rizky Ridho violated Mohammed Ali Surag.

This result made Indonesia fail to repeat its winning streak at the first meeting. Rizky Ridho et al previously managed to beat Qatar 2-1 on Thursday (17/9).

Shin Tae-yong regretted that Indonesia had to concede in the last minute in this second match against Qatar. Even so, he assessed that Rizky Ridho et al had an increase, especially in terms of stamina.

“Unfortunately we conceded at the last minute. But overall our game is improving, the players’ stamina is also getting better. However, power We will polish and repair the players again, “Shin Tae-yong was quoted as saying from the official PSSI website.

After facing Qatar twice, Indonesia in the next match will try out the strengths of Bosnia & Herzegovina. This match is scheduled to take place on Friday (25/09/2020).

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