Shipwreck at Les Sables-d'Olonne: the wife of the missing fisherman defends her husband


"It was not a daredevil. Évelyne Guibert, the wife of Tony Guibert, the fisherman disappeared at sea off the Sables-d'Olonne (Vendée), comes out of silence. On France 2, she defends her husband, fiercely criticized for having sailed on Friday in a storm – it is to help him that three rescuers of the SNSM are drowned. Évelyne Guibert assures her: her husband was an experienced sailor.

"My husband started working as a fisherman at the age of 15. He knew the job and the region very well, "she insists. He "has long been fishing in western Ireland for a boss". "Retired, he continued to fish very regularly," she insists.

"He even met a boat coming home"

"When he left Friday morning at 6 am, I was with him. There was no storm, "she says. "The Maritime Gendarmerie, which summoned me, confirmed to me that there was no storm at that time. When he left, he even met a boat that was returning to the port, so we could sail. That day, she says, he was expecting to return to port very quickly, just to "make two trips".

Évelyne Guibert pinned the regional operational rescue rescue center. "When we see the boat rescuers, which is an old boat, it is incomprehensible that they sent this boat and not a helicopter," she denounces.

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Friday, a shuttle from the National Society for Rescue at Sea (SNSM) capsized, killing three rescuers – Dimitri Moulic, Alain Guibert and Yann Chagnolleau – who were going to help this fisherman in difficulty, near the port of Sables-d Olonne. Tony Guibert has since been missing.


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