Shock at Aute’s death: “We used to pass by here, but you stay forever”

The death of Luis Eduardo Aute has unleashed a shock in the world of culture and in society in general. The Minister of Culture and Sports, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, defined him as “a complete artist, a person without whom the recent history of Spain is not well understood, who from the Transition onwards is on a path of freedom”. Aute, as he has said, “will always be in that collective memory of all” Spaniards. “We must always keep people like him in memory,” he concluded.

One of the first artists to react on social networks has been the Canarian singer-songwriter Pedro Guerra, who has fired him with a “we only passed through here, but you will stay forever”. And also Alejandro Sanz He has used a phrase from a song by Aute to bid farewell to the “teacher”: “Whoever has no dreams is ready to have owners.

Grateful for being the architect of creating and singing “so much beauty in this world” feel the components of Amaral; while the Muñoz brothers, TowThey have confessed to being “speechless” to “describe the void” that Aute leaves with his departure.

For his part, the musician Pancho Varona has regretted not being able to “go to say goodbye” to one of the “essentials”, and the writer Rosa Montero He has mourned his “beloved and admired” Aute, whom he has described as “enormous”, in addition to leaving on his social networks “between tears” a link to one of his most emblematic songs, La Belleza ‘.

For Ismael Serrano “one of the greatest” is gone. «His lucidity shone and pointed the way. I was lucky to be by his side a few times. I thank life for that opportunity. I was trying to learn from him. Of his honesty, his commitment and independence, “he said.

The also singer-songwriter Andrés Suarez, a great follower of Aute, has stated that he will “never” stop paying homage “or feeling” his “appreciation” for what he has done for him. «With the soul in a thousand pieces, goodbye friend. Goodbye teacher », he has said goodbye.

Y Raphael He regretted this “great loss” while confessing his “admiration and respect.”

Other representatives of Spanish music such as Loquillo and Luz CasaHe has also used social media to say goodbye to what has been “a benchmark for several generations.” A singer who also accompanied the actor on his “teenage rooftop nights” Dani Rovira.

Likewise, Marwan He has made his sadness public and has also been left speechless to say goodbye: «I will take the moments together on stage and off it forever. They were the best moments of my life. DEP, dear teacher ». It was impossible not to love you. Have a good trip, mate. From up there you will continue to inspire us “, he expressed Monica Naranjo meanwhile also on Twitter.

A flood of reactions, among which the words of his friend and neighbor stand out Imanol Arias, who remembered “a very cultured, wonderful, dedicated guy, a different human being” and the open house in Aute, where artists passed by at all hours because “he was a man who lived with the doors open”.

The cultural institutions have also wanted to say goodbye to Aute. And so he has Pilar Jury, president of the Sgae, who has defined him as “an unrepeatable artist, who mused his own existence with verses, loved cinema and drew, overflowing talent and conviction in everything he did”. «Aute was a poet with a troubadour soul. Now, we will have to learn to live without your heartbeat, “said Jurado, upon learning the sad news of his death.

Also, the Film Academy She has been in charge of highlighting the role of filmmaker of Aute, who wrote and directed the films “A dog called pain” (2001) and “Delirios de amor” (1986).

From the field of politics came the reactions of the First Vice President of the Government and Secretary General of Unidas Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, who has pointed out that Aute’s music has marked the last decades and are “living memory of the generation that brought democracy.” For his part, the Minister of Transport and Secretary of Organization of the PSOE, José Luis Ábalos, has referred to Aute as an “intellectual and moral benchmark” given her “humanistic background and personality”, while the leader of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, accompanied his message of condolence with the song ‘Somehow’.

International Amnesty He wished to emphasize that Aute “put his talent also at the service of human rights” and collaborated with them. «One of his universal contributions was the beauty of the song ‘Al Alba’, against the death penalty in Spain. DEP », they added. For its part, from the Toro de Lidia Foundation They have highlighted that Aute “was a great fan of bullfighting and said that the world was divided into two:” Martians and bullfighting “. Bullfighting is a liturgy, a rite, a ceremony. A greater art ». Condolences have been added by other artists such as Fran Perea, Rozalén, David Summers or the journalist Gemma Nierga. , among many others.


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