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Shock CCTV shows a Christmas party head shot that left a woman with a "facial paralysis"

Shocking images of CCTV show the moment when a colleague gave a bar manager a headache during a Christmas party, leaving her paralyzed in the face.

Molly Phillips, 24, went to the hospital for an alleged stroke, but then realized that she had been strangled by the bar chief at their annual party.

Miss Phillips said she lost consciousness after Chief Nathan Webb shook her head at the Cameo Club party, which took place at Cardiff's Roath Bar on New Year's Day.

CCTV footage presented at a labor court hearing captured the moment when Mr. Webb put his arm around his neck and strangled him, reports Wales Online.

Shocking footage of CCTV shows when his colleague Nathan Webb put Molly Phillips in a stalemate

The sequence shows Molly's collapse as Webb frees her from her grip

The video, to which Judge Alison Frazer referred in her judgment, shows Molly's arms becoming rigid when the leader holds her head and when he releases her, she collapses to the ground while beating her head .

The Labor Court ruled that Ms. Phillips was fired unjustly when the bosses failed to properly investigate her complaint that she had been strangled at the party.

Molly told the court that she had since learned that her facial paralysis was more permanent than expected and that she might never be able to smile again.

She added that she had been told that her injuries were "caused by lack of oxygen or nerve damage".

The court learned that Mr. Webb had been arrested for the incident but had been released under investigation and remained employed by the Cameo Club after the incident.

Molly's injuries last longer than expected

Molly initially returned to work after the incident and told the bosses that she did not want to take any action.

But over time, she became more and more suspicious and fearful of the leader.

The doctors also told her that the injuries she suffered would have longer-lasting effects than expected.

Yet when she raised these concerns with the company's directors, she was told to "hand in" them and eventually felt compelled to resign.

She fell to the ground and was transported to the hospital with a hint of stroke.

Molly suffered from facial paralysis as a result of the incident

In her judgment following the court, Judge Alison Frazer strongly criticized the directors of Cameo for not taking her concerns seriously.

She said: "The fact is that the evidence provided by CCTV showed that Mr. Webb had locked her in a cargo hold that had knocked her down.

"The respondent could only decide what action to take after having impartially gathered the facts by means of an investigation.

"I concluded that from April Mr. Davies had acted in such a way as to rule out the claimant's feelings about the incident and told him to" recover "by referring to the incident of the Christmas party. "

Since the incident, Molly says that in addition to her partial facial paralysis, she suffers from post-traumatic stress, anxiety and depression.

"I can not smile with photos," she said.

Molly has now won a labor court judgment, she was fired unjustly

"People do not notice it, but I notice it more than anything."

"If it's still like that when I get married, I will not be able to smile in the pictures of my wedding, things like that, it's not good."

But for Molly, the worst was that her bosses were not doing anything.

"I had been working there for two and a half years and doing everything I did there, it was like I realized I was not talking to them and I was completely disposable," she said. .

During her testimony before the Labor Court of the Cardiff Magistrates Court, Molly said she felt that the directors were not taking her seriously.

When she spoke to director Jason Pearce, she claimed that he had jokingly reacted with Mr. Webb as he passed by him, saying something like, "Are you all right buddy?" Hear that you're choking girls lately. "

"I was never asked if I was comfortable, what was my state of health, nothing at all," she said.

Molly said during the hearing that she had had more and more difficulty working in this establishment as time went on.

Director of Jason Pearce

She stated at the hearing that Mr. Webb had also acted in such a way as to spice up the soup of one staff member and threaten someone at one evening.

After these incidents, she told her employers that she had begun to lose confidence in their ability to "keep her safe at work."

On March 24, she stated that she "had trouble finding work and was crying both before and during my shifts."

She told the court: "By the end of March, Huw was in tears, telling her that I did not feel comfortable at work, but that the same response kept coming back to me, that I was not sure. he could not make a magic gesture. wand and fix everything.

"Meeting after meeting, I was just getting the same answer and nothing more."

She also claimed that Mr. Davies told him at a meeting on April 4 to "overcome everything" and the same comment was repeated on April 18.

In her written judgment, Frazer J. criticized the directors for failing to conduct a comprehensive investigation at this stage.

Molly felt vulnerable at her workplace, she was told to the audience

Frazer J. wrote: "She was able to continue working without any real psychological effects by working with Mr. Webb until March.

"In March, the Claimant observed two incidents that caused her to perceive the Christmas Party incident in a different way.

"Rightly or wrongly, she suggested, in the light of these incidents, that he had the ability to be violent towards women, which made him believe that she had been a victim of violence." An insidious violence on the part of Mr. Webb.

"Around the same time, she also learned that her facial paralysis was more permanent than initially expected. I found that this had resulted in her feeling vulnerable to Mr. Webb at the workplace.

"In my conclusion, there was an inextricable link between the incident at the Christmas party and the workplace, even though it had happened out of work. Christmas party organized on the site. "

She also criticized the administrators for their response to CCTV images.

The cameo club where the incident occurred

She stated: "Following the CCTV observations, Mr. Pearce understood that the applicant had been strangled.

Mr. Davies, on the other hand, denied that this was the case Mr. Pearce only watched the video in April or May and Mr. Davies watched it once. "

And she concluded that because of their actions – and the actions of another person brought in to hear a grievance raised by Molly – Molly was entitled to resign.

Frazer J. concluded: "[Molly] was unfairly dismissed in a constructive manner ".

Molly said that she felt a "relief" when she discovered that she had won.

"It looks like a raised weight," she added. "I do not want to think about it anymore."

The Cameo Club stated that there was "no comment at all".

After the hearing, a spokeswoman for the South Wales Police said: "A 33-year-old man has been arrested and suspected of assault and is currently being released under investigation."

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