Shocked moderators: Here Chris Hemsworth crashes the live weather report

Who better to present the weather forecast than Thor himself, the god of thunder? Actor Chris Hemsworth was unceremoniously co-hosted on an Australian TV show.

Surprise appearance: “Thor” actor Chris Hemsworth takes over the live weather forecast for an Australian TV show.

The Today Show

  • Chris Hemsworth (37) steps in as the weather co-host on an Australian live show.
  • The presenters in the TV studio can’t believe their eyes.
  • In an interview, the actor also announced that he would continue to play Thor, the god of thunder.

“The Today Show” presenter Lauren Phillips is talking about horses when a man strolls into the picture in the background. Seconds later it is clear who it is: actor and “Thor” actor Chris Hemsworth (37) himself.

“I heard you were looking for horses,” he says, grabbing her microphone. Then he helps her read out Australian places and their respective temperatures.

“Free Hemsworths”

The two studio moderators make incredulous faces at the high attendance. And the Hemsworth fans respond enthusiastically: “Sure, we have a lot of poisonous animals in Australia, but we also have Hemsworths roaming around freely, so who’s the real winner?” Tweeted one user. Another: “The mighty Thor is an excellent weather god!”

Hemsworth’s second career as a weatherman has to wait a little longer: It has since been announced that he would like to stay with Marvel fans as Thor. This is what the actor said in an interview with the Polish edition of “Elle Man”.

When asked by the interviewer whether the female Thor in the new, fourth film meant that he would be retired, Hemsworth replied, “Are you crazy? I’m not retiring, Thor is way too young for that. He is only 1500 years old! This is definitely not the movie that I’m saying goodbye to. At least that’s what I hope.”

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