Shoelace, the new Google social network


"Shoe lace". This is the translation of "Shoelace", name of the new social network created within Google's incubator, Area 120. A project still in test phase, which succeeds Google +, closed in April 2019.

"The whole purpose of Shoelace is to bring people together based on their interests," says the social network's website. For this, the mobile application allows you to create an account and create or participate in events organized around you. "It's fun, easy and free! "

A "hyperlocal" social network

As noted on the Android Police website, a similar project was launched in 2011: Schemer, allowing its users to list events to attend near their homes.

For the moment, Shoelace, a "hyperlocal" social network, is only testing in the city of New York, but Google plans to export the social network in several cities in the United States. No date has yet been announced for its possible expansion in Europe.


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