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Shooter “Valorant” by LoL developer Riot comes in summer

League-of-Legends developer Riot Games wants to compete with other genre giants such as Counter-Strike and Overwatch with the first-person shooter “Valorant”, which will be available from summer. The game previously known as “Project A” should appear free of charge for PC, Riot announced on Monday.

First gameplay clips show: The gameplay is similar to that of CS: GO. Two teams of five players compete against each other either as attackers or defenders and try to win the majority of a total of 24 rounds. The teams alternate in attack and defense.

Valorant also takes over the bomb mechanics from Counter-Strike: The attackers have to place the so-called “spike” to win a round. Weapons must also be purchased using money earned during the round.

All available characters, called agents, have their own abilities. So that the genre should be expanded, it said in the message. Valorant is based on a newly created game world and is the first game from Riot Games that has nothing to do with League of Legends.


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