Shooting stars may be seen on upcoming nights

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The Orionids will pass the earth in the near future. At the best times, the number of visible shooting stars can rise to over 30 per hour. Shooting stars of the Orionids are very fast and often beautiful to see. Read on for the most ideal viewing moments and the correct viewing direction.

The Orionids are pieces of space rock from Halley’s Comet. They are called Orionids because they seem to come from the constellation Orion. With speeds of over 200,000 km / h, the Orionids are very fast meteors.

At over 30 an hour, this is a good year for the Orionids, but in terms of numbers it is still less than the Geminids in December and the Perseids in August. However, shooting stars of the Orionids are often beautiful, because they regularly give a beautiful afterglow trail.

Best nights from Wednesday

From next night, the number of visible shooting stars due to the Orionids has increased. Most meteors are expected in the night from Tuesday October 20 to Wednesday October 21 and the night after.

The best viewing time is between 4:00 AM and 6:00 AM every night. The number of meteors will then be between 28 and 39 per hour in the two nights mentioned above. This is more than one every two minutes. At around 4:00 AM you should face southeast, about halfway between directly overhead and the horizon. Over the next two hours, the viewing direction slowly shifts to the south and also becomes slightly straighter upwards.

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More favorable weather in the course of next week

This night it will be overcast with some clearances. This is certainly not a good night to go and watch. Also in the night to Monday there are more clouds than clearings.

Next week it will be changeable with rain and sometimes a lot of wind. However, the chance of broader clearances will increase from Wednesday. Based on the current weather forecast, the night from Wednesday to Thursday is the most favorable night to watch. It is probably not cold with a minimum temperature of around 11 degrees. However, there is a moderate wind, so a warm jacket is certainly not an unnecessary luxury.

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