Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

Short-term Oasis meeting hopes seem to be over

Liam Gallagher seems to have ended all hope of an Oasis meeting 15 hours after suggesting that this happen.

The former leader of one of the largest British groups of the 1990s and 2000s donated an olive branch to Brother Noel via Twitter on Thursday evening telling him that the couple should "collect the O BIG and quit smoking."

"Drinks are on me" added, in a post that picked up 74,000 retweets and 209,000 likes.

  After nearly 10 years apart, Liam says it's time to get back together
Liam Gallagher donated an olive branch to Christmas on Twitter

But according to his Twitter activity on Friday morning, Noel's answer was not positive.

Liam tweeted, "I'll take this as a NO while you were LG x." [19659003] He later told a critic who suggested that his brother "was not stuck for a big day" that he would have restored the group "for the moment". ] Noel Gallagher with Man City boss Pep Guardiola in May this year “/>

Man City Noel fan with Pep Guardiola in May this year

Oasis makes musical history with successes such as Wonderwall and Knebworth before breaking up in 2009, with the brothers having suffered a turbulent relationship since then.

In January, Liam claimed that Noel was "desperate" to reform Oasis but that his brother's wife was blocking the idea. 19659003] The following month, he said that he was no longer talking to Noel – now with his band High Flying Birds – and called him "clown".

And last year, Liam criticized his brother for not playing After the Manchester Arena attack, their hit song Do not Look Back In Anger became a song of unity as a result of the attack.

Noel and the High Flying Birds continued to occur at the reopening of the arena. September.

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