“Show me the panties”: Dady Brieva’s talk with a girl who caused fright

The episode occurred in 2004 in the program that Brieva hosted on channel 13, “Agrandadytos” / web

During the day yesterday, the controversy generated by the scandalous tweets of the comedian Martín Cirio, better known as La Faraona, in which many found indications that could be linked to pedophilia, was still burning on social networks. So much scandal was generated that, after a lukewarm release from the irreverent “influencer”, the splinters began to spread out and reached Dady Brieva.

The popular actor, who this week was on everyone’s lips for wanting “to have a truck and play bowling on July 9”, to run over the protesters against the government, led a program 20 years ago called “Agrandadytos ”, In which he had talks with children.

In this context, in the last hours a conversation that Brieva had with a girl of around three years was refloated.

The cameras show the two of them, around a table.

“It’s beautiful (your skirt), just like the panties”, he says to the girl who, looking at her skirt, replies: “No, the panties are not striped.”

“It’s white,” says the humorist, and the girl, fluently, responds: “No, it’s pink, I already told you,” he remarks, in an annoyed tone, as if having to repeat something that apparently had already said, but not seen on camera.

Then, Dady stands up and says “well, you show me the panties and I will show you the briefs.” And the comedian, although the camera does not focus when it is shown, keeps his word.

The girl, surprised, with the innocence of a girl, covers her mouth, and lifts her skirt and takes it down quickly, revealing her panties. But as if knowing perhaps that he was doing something that was not right, he ends with a “my mother does not find out” and Brieva, in tune, “my father does not find out, either.

In 2018, after a political confrontation with Federico Andahazzi, Dady Brieva was harshly accused. “I’m not going to ask you to take over the ’90s because it would be unfair. But yes, Dady should take care of when, relatively recently, he gave practical classes in pedophilia, asking a girl to show him the panties in front of thousands of viewers, “said the writer and psychologist.

The episode in question aired on March 21, 2004 and already at that time it was a scandal. After the episode, more than fifty psychologists, psychoanalysts and lawyers specialized in abused children asked the channel to lift the program, considering that the fact could be identified with “the first approaches that a child abuser makes with his victim.”

For the same reason, the Council for Children’s Rights presented a “formal complaint” to Comfer, who after analyzing the shipment considered that it merited “a warning to the channel and the producer”.


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