Shows a coupe-like crossover UAZ “Russian Prado”

Such a “Ulyanovets” will squeeze out other players in the cross-coupe segment on the Russian market.

In 2019, the Russian media excited the motorists with the news that UAZ was engaged in the development of a new SUV, which is considered as a domestic analogue of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. Due to the fact that the car was positioned as a competitor to Kruzak, it was nicknamed UAZ Russian Prado.

Technical details regularly appear, as well as patent images, partly declassifying the appearance and interior of the SUV, thanks to which we already know that the Russian Prado power line will include a 2.5 petrol unit and a turbodiesel engine like Ford Transit.

UAZ “Russian Prado” will remain the “frame”, and recent patent images hinted that the car will receive a new four-wheel drive, different from what was installed on the “Patriot”. This is indicated by the controls shown by Rospatent.

The Ulyanovsk SUV is due to appear in 2021, and it is worth recognizing that it will not be easy on the Russian market because of Chinese competitors. Haval H9 has already squeezed Kruzak, and its brothers in the person of Haval F7x, F7 and H6 raise the brand’s rating. In such conditions, UAZ should have trumps in the sleeve.

Therefore, the portal shows a coupe-like crossover UAZ “Russian Prado”. It’s high time for the Ulyanovsk machine builders to diversify their lineup, and for this we need boring cars that would attract the attention of young drivers. Therefore, our editors chose the cross-coupe format, and its appearance was created on the basis of the already declassified headlights of the Russian Prado, as well as the radiator grille.

The design of the machine is intentionally unrestrained, which emphasizes its intention to plug in the belt of competitors. At the same time, we made sure that the rear of the roof was sufficiently raised. This almost eliminates the minus of all cross-coupes – low ceiling in the back row. Enter such a car on our market, the Haval F7x will not stand it, the BMW X6 will certainly feel the appearance of an opponent, and Renault Arkana risks completely being left without buyers. But, only on condition that UAZ takes seriously the quality of its products.

Ivan Golovin

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