Shrieked Iis Dahlia’s Heart Seeing Devano Danendra’s Curhatan on Social Media as if Shame on One Stage with Himself, Ms. Salshadilla Juwita Reveals Her Feelings: If I Become a Host, I Have to Be Julid – All Pages

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Screaming Iis Dahlia’s Heart Seeing Devano’s Curhatan on Social Media as if Shame on One Stage with Himself, Ms. Salshadilla Juwita Reveals Her Feelings: If I Become a Host, I Have to Be Julid

Grid.ID – Character Iis Dahlia who speak frankly and often comment scathingly have an impact on his family who also accept netizen cries.

Including his youngest son, Devano danendra who do not want to shoot together Iis Dahlia to reveal his heart in medsos.

Devano danendra reveal her embarrassed feelings one frame with Iis Dahlia because he wanted to get out of the shadow of his mother’s fame to be able to have an independent career.

As is known, despite being the son of a famous dangdut singer, Devano danendra known to have a talent in music and acting.

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The ability of the younger brother of Salshadilla Juwita cannot be doubted because he has often starred in film titles.

Some of the films played by the teenager who was born on September 23, 2002 include, ‘Dear Nathan: Hello Salma’, ‘Melodylan’, and ‘DoReMi & You’.

In fact, Devano also has an album titled “Story No. 1”.

Having a great career thanks to his own talent, Devano admits that he is ashamed of the same stage as Iis Dahlia.

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He had expressed this in an Instagram post @devdanendra, on (11/20/2020).

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“I definitely defend it. That’s definitely because I am his son. But shame, fear, and anxiety have always been on my mind for the past year … either because the media always reports about my family or whatever it is that makes me feel good. I’m weak and it has an impact on me, “ ujar Devano.

Devano admitted, he was not ashamed of his own family.

It’s just that, many people outside of his family make Devano stressed and refuse to shoot.

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“Not ashamed of my own family, I was just scared.”

“Since it all happened, my friends and many people out there sometimes talk about things that make me hurt like what’s on the internet, whether it’s’ this child ‘,’ why are you, dev, aren’t you ashamed ‘,’ mak you blah blah blah ‘,’ arrogant family ‘that makes me afraid to meet people and even for school I like to hesitate to go on cam, “ he continued.

Furthermore, Devano revealed that he is now struggling against the much talked about ‘public figure risk’.

“Maybe people out there can say ‘yes it’s a risk to be an artist, a public figure, etc.’, I know the risk, and right now I’m struggling with that risk, a risk that has made me reluctant to open my eyes every day. , “ he said.

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Devano also revealed that he actually felt weak to do anything.

“Friends, in my deepest heart with this it’s not that I don’t like and don’t defend my own family, but I don’t want me to have fears like this and make me weak to do any activities,” he said.

He also expressed his desire to live a long and healthy life like other children.

“I love myself. I hope all of my friends understand. I love my family, there’s no way I won’t love them. They are still my family. I just want to live healthy and happy like other children, I want a different age. long,” he concluded.

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Devano Danendra's confession after Iis Dahlia appeared at the Deddy Corbuzier event

Instagram @devdevanendra

Devano Danendra’s speech after Iis Dahlia appeared at the Deddy Corbuzier event

Responding to the son’s post, Iis Dahlia gave the reason.

Iis admitted that he could not bear to see his children become victims of netizens’ cries.

“People want to say that mama is bad, mama is strong. If children have their comfort in life disturbed, parents will definitely feel bad,” said iis Dahlia when she was a guest star at the Okay Boss event uploaded on YouTube Trans7 Official, on (28 / 11/2020).

Moreover, Iis Dahlia’s youngest son is the type of child who doesn’t talk much and tends to be quiet.

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“Typical Salsha is just like a mama, cheerful, happy people, if Devano’s son is more quiet. This is what mom is really afraid of, she’s quiet, doesn’t speak honestly, she talks in the media,” said the singer of ‘Black Umbrella’ while shedding tears. .

Moreover, Devano has started his work and is popular with the Indonesian people.

Iis Dahlia reveals her heart.


Iis Dahlia reveals her heart.

“He wanted to show his abilities without the shadow of his mother,” said Iis.

Iis Dahlia also seems to explain about her work as a host known as julid so that Devano can be more receptive and not think about netizen comments.

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“Let’s see if it happens host ngulik guest stars yes you have to julid, If not julid cancel host “Please, if you are silent, so the guest star is silent, the event will also not be alive,” he explained Iis Dahlia.

No doubt, Iis Dahlia admitted that he was very sad when he found out that his beloved son did not want to be on stage with him to reveal his heart on social media.

“Mama must be sad, but maybe she wants to be known as an actor and a singer. Because she knows talkshows now discuss personal issues, not her work,” he concluded. Iis Dahlia.


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