SIC Notícias | Photo of a hug from the Siberian tiger wins a contest that shows rare moments of wildlife

A Siberian tiger hugging a tree was the photograph chosen from more than 49 thousand in the contest promoted annually by the Natural History Museum (Natural History Museum) From london.

Russian Sergey Gorshkov photographed a female of one of the rarest species on Earth: a Siberian tiger, or Amur, who is rubbing herself against a tree to leave her scent and mark territory in the Land of the Leopard National Parkdeep in the forests of Russia’s Far East.

But there are more extraordinary wildlife photographs that have been awarded in several categories.

The image of a young fox eating a goose earned Finnish teenager Liina Heikkinen not only the victory in the 15-17 year olds category, but the overall grand prize for junior photographers.

The pose of a young proboscis monkey won in the WPY Animal Portraits category. The photo was taken by the Danish Mogens Trolle at Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary in Sabah, Borneo. The nose will get even bigger as the young primate matures, which will make your call louder and probably signal your status in the group.

There is also the winner in the category less than 10 years old – who waited patiently to take a picture of a wagtail in an Andalusian meadow.

Or even a “Nemo” winner in the 11-14 year old category.

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