Signs you should not contact in May

It is possible to be misunderstood, cursed, and even devalued.

In each month there are signs to which the stars are unfavorable. This not only complicates the life of the representatives themselves, but sometimes also complicates the existence of everyone who is close to them. The astrologer named those who should not be contacted in May, because of the possibility of bad consequences.

Aquarius. May is not the best month to start a love relationship with this sign, as in the end they can bring disappointment and a lot of trouble. The reason for a broken heart can be repeated betrayals, lies and unwillingness to open to the second half.

Crayfish. If there is a new stage in the professional sphere, it is by no means worth making deals or setting up partnerships with representatives of this sign. Their financial flows will be closed in the coming month, so the only thing to expect from cooperation with them is unnecessary waste and failures.

Libra. Friendship requires a trusting relationship, with the opportunity to talk about your experiences, share problems and get support. But not in the case of Libra, in May they will have their own problems above the roof, so the astrologer recommends not trusting too personal, otherwise there is the possibility of being misunderstood, cursed and even depreciated. Such relationships will only make things worse.

Capricorns. In case you do not want to hear nasty things and gossip about yourself, you should refrain from communicating with this sign. May will close the flows of positive energy for them, so it is this period that will make them energy vampires for an indefinite period. And their main task will be to cause as many bad emotions as possible among people who trust them.

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