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Silence the US military, Iran’s military satellite successfully photographed the fifth fleet headquarters in Bahrain

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Iran’s military satellite, Noor-2, sent photos from the space of the fifth U.S. flotilla headquarters in Bahrain. Photo / Sputnik

TEHRAN Military satellite last Iran , Noor 2, shows its ability to send panoramic images from space. Iran’s Noor-2 satellite transmitted its shot at the headquarters of the fifth fleet. United States of America (AS) in Manama, Bahrain.

The satellite shot, one of several high-resolution images released by the Revolutionary Guard of Iran (IRGC) and shared by local media in recent days, shows clearly identifiable elements of the military facility, including airfields, docks and large covered hangars. . .

About 9,000 U.S. Department of Defense military personnel and civilian personnel are stationed at Bahrain Naval Support Activities, as the base officially names. The base was widely used during the U.S. invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, and was also responsible for “discouraging” Iran and keeping the Hormuz Canal open to keep global oil reserves flowing.

Along with the large base, which also houses the U.S. Naval Central Command, satellite imagery also shows the port of Khalifa bin Salman. SputnikFriday (13/5/2022).

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The U.S. Fifth Fleet’s areas of operation include the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea, and the northwestern Indian Ocean, and in addition to at least one group of carrier attacks deployed on the front, usually include amphibious expeditionary strike units, minecraft, gas tankers. , submarines, and various patrols, surveillance, and reconnaissance troops.

On Monday, the IRGC separated two other images taken by Noor-2, showing the scene in the province of Fars and Bushehr in southern Iran.

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Iran’s Information and Communication Technology Minister Eisa Zarepour says the Noor-2 image was submitted to show the failure of U.S. sanctions to strangle Iran’s space program.

The Noor-2 has a reported resolution of about 10m, enough to monitor general activity at enemy bases and large objects such as aircraft carriers, but not smaller targets, such as aircraft or individual vehicles.

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