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Silence Will Smith cost him dearly

Despite receiving strong public support, Will Smith remained silent.

More than three months have passed since that slap during the Oscars – a time when it became clear that in this crazy marriage to Jada Pinkett, Will was often the victim. The video, in which Will literally leads to tears by his wife, gathers an incredible number of reactions against him.

Maybe that’s why the actor prefers not to interview and stay away from the spotlight while carefully considering his next move.

But at the same time, it will lose large sums of projects delayed and failed.

As early as April, it became clear that Netflix and Apple + had abandoned the idea of ​​negotiating with Smith to make a biopic.

However, that didn’t make the star break her silence and talk about the slap, the reasons and the emotions that befell her. And sooner or later Will will have both talk and act.

Smith has played in one way or another in six future films that are currently on hiatus. It has already become clear that the date of the creation of drama about slavery in the United States, called “Emancipation,” has been postponed. Apple’s production was supposed to be on screen by the end of 2022, but the date will certainly be postponed.

Moreover, Apple had hoped that with this film they will fight for the “Oscar” next year, although obviously they will not succeed.

Sony, in turn, is delaying the start of filming “Bad Boys 4”.

Although it didn’t garner the most rave reviews, “Bad Boys 3” was one of the most successful box office films, and the production company was quick to announce that there would be a fourth installment, again starring Smith and Martin Lawrence.

Four more productions and the actor has stopped for the time being. Three of them on Netflix – “The Council”, “Fast and Loose” and “Bright 2”.

The fourth film is popular science and is about National Geographic – “The Pole Pole”. In it, the camera would track Smith’s journey from the South to the North Pole.

Filming “Pole to Pole” was supposed to start in May this year, but after that Shamara National Geographic postponed everything for the fall.

Meanwhile, Will was filmed at an airport in India, where, according to People magazine, he is visiting to attend spiritual sessions and therapeutic yoga.

Nobody can calculate exactly how much Smith lost, but it’s clear – it is tens of millions.

In addition, while the actor doesn’t say a word about the slap or his current relationship with Jada Pinkett, he subconsciously prevents his colleagues from taking his place and completing projects.

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