Silvana, OSS who died of Covid-19 because the Family Doctor did not want to visit her. When inhumanity disguises itself as professionalism. –

Silvana Fiore, Molise Social Health Operator died a few days ago of Coronavirus. Now the family asks to clarify, especially on why the family doctor did not want to visit her.

Silvana Fiore, US, died at the age of 50 of Coronavirus. She had become infected while working in Molise on a note Nursing home (RSA), where an outbreak had broken out a few days earlier. At the first signs and symptoms of Covid-19, the family immediately turned to the Family doctor, who however refused to visit her several times for fear, perhaps, of becoming infected in turn.

Silvana did not make it, too much time has passed from the onset of the viral disease to the first aid, which arrived when it was too late.

He connects her Social Health Operator died at the Infectious Diseases Operating Unit of Covid Hospital of Atri.

Silvana’s real drama began on November 20, 2020. To talk about the mother, the son: “we called our doctor but he, without even knowing if my mother was positive, refused to visit her, saying: ‘I’m sorry but I don’t risk getting infected. ‘ And he prescribes a generic antibiotic and cortisone; 4 days later the mother took the swab privately and tested positive for Covid; the doctor, instead of coming to see her, recommended going to the pharmacy to buy an oxygen cylinder ”.

A few days later, the health conditions of the OSS worsened and her husband was forced to call the 118 Service. The doctors intervene late and brand the incident as a “panic attack”.

So the family puts Silvana in the car and takes her toAlto Sangro Hospital: “When we get to the emergency room they send us away because, they say, she is a patient of the local health authority of Molise; Dad, desperate, gets back in his car and drives home, but during the trip Mum has a severe crisis; so dad turns the car around and takes it back to the Castel di Sangro hospital; only in this way is the mother welcomed and, after the worsening of her clinical conditions, centralized in Atri, where she was immediately intubated; in the Teramo hospital they did everything to save her and treated us with great humanity; but it wasn’t enough ”.

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In fact, Silvana is no more, departed due to the inhumanity or the roughness of those who could and should have saved her.

Rest in peace colleague!

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