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Similar Symptoms, How To Distinguish Omicron Infection and Flu?


Symptoms of the Omicron variant are said to be similar to those of the common cold. In some patients, the Omicron variant has no symptoms at all.

The Indonesian Ministry of Health also reported that the majority of the findings of the Omicron variant had mild symptoms to no complaints. So, how do you tell the difference between an Omicron and the common cold?

The Chair of the Infection Working Group for the Central Management of the Indonesian Lung Doctors Association (PDPI) Dr. Erlina Burhan said that based on reports from a number of countries and in Indonesia, mild omicron symptoms are almost the same as the common cold.

“Typical symptoms on Omicron are nasal congestion or rhinorrhea, cough, sore throat, especially an itchy throat. [gejala] flu,” he said in an online seminar entitled “Super-immunity and Implication on New Variant of Covid-19”.

But what makes the difference between the flu and the Omicron variant, according to Dr. Erlina, is a sore throat and itchy throat. These two symptoms are usually not experienced by those who have the flu.

Experts suggest knowing whether the symptoms you are experiencing are signs of an Omicron infection or the flu is to do a COVID-19 test as early as possible.

It is important to note that the symptoms of this Omicron variant vary from person to person. There are several groups who will experience severe symptoms if infected, such as the elderly and people with comorbidities.

“(In the case of flu) People are free to go to school, work, shop, go to the mall, take the bus without a mask. People with the common cold are without a mask, but this is different from Omicron. Moreover, it is easily contagious and can be severe, like the two people who later died that,” explained Dr. Erlina.

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