Tuesday, 18 Dec 2018

Simon Thomas said that his friends had "abandoned" him after the death of his wife Gemma as a result of leukemia

Simon Thomas recounted how his friends had "abandoned" him after losing his beloved wife Gemma, who had leukemia last November.

The former Sky Sports presenter said his comrades had given him "incredible" support just after Gemma's death, but some had lost touch in the months that followed.

Simon British said, "It's been hard, it's horrible, it's the hardest thing to experience, especially at the beginning of the period, because we felt time was running out.

"For the first six or seven weeks, my family has been amazing.

Simon appeared on Good Morning Britain with his son Ethan

Simon lost his wife, Gemma, to leukemia last year, just three days after the diagnosis.

"But there were one or two people who wanted to text and say," We are with you every step of the way, we will be with you. "

"And you think back to these SMS from a year ago and you say," Where were you? "Save what you promise," he said.

Simon has been raising his son Ethan as a single parent since the loss of Gemma and has also talked about the burden of supporting his child's pain as well as his own.

Ethan was mad about losing his mom

He said: "When children are involved, you feel so much pain in them, because one thing you both cry is for mom, the years we thought she would have a future. as my wife and mother, and the years [Ethan] should have enjoyed.

"Suddenly, it takes a lot of pain, I can cope with my own pain and sorrow."

Ethan appeared alongside his father while they were talking about their experience in the series.

Simon said that his relationship with his son was a "massive blessing" in his grief

Simon thanked his son for helping him get up in the morning.

"I have to race at school, being a single parent is the hardest thing, but Ethan is a huge blessing, but it's hard work."

Gemma died of leukemia in November of last year, just three days after diagnosis, leaving behind Simon and his eight-year-old son Ethan.


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