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Sinar Mars hard code of Bumi Serpong Damai (BSDE) shares.

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA – The sluggish movement of property stocks through the second half of 2022 has not made the Sinar Mars Group lose its enthusiasm. Instead, the conglomerate used this condition to accumulate the shares of PT Bumi Serpong Damai Tbk. (BSDE), one of the wings of its low-cost property business.

Unlimited, in the period 12-19 May 2022, Sinar Mars through its subsidiary, PT Paraga Artamida, bought another 69.09 million shares in BSDE. With an average transaction price of IDR 913.4 per share, this means that the funds disbursed by the late Eka Tjipta conglomerate reached IDR 63.1 billion.

The purchase of Paraga’s share of the ownership of BSDE increased, to be exact from around 6.96 billion shares or 32.88 per cent to around 7.03 billion shares or 33.21 per cent. This does not include the owner of PT Ekacentra Usahamaju, another Sinar Mars-owned company that also owns about 25.63 percent of BSDE shares.

It should be noted that this transaction is not actually the first accumulation action that Sinar Mars has undertaken recently. According to Business recapitalization, from mid-August 2021 until today or about the last 9 months, Paraga continues to make purchases still.

When calculated and reported on the average cost of each transaction, the total estimated amount of money Sinar Mars disbursed to purchase other BSDE shares in the 9-month period reached Rp 400.08 billion.

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