Since the end of the year, Temeln has produced 10 TWh of electricity. His performance made me change.

Temeln needed eight and a half months to generate 10 million MWh of electricity. For the same amount of electricity, coal-fired power plants would have to split about 9 million tons of coal. Just for the idea of ​​transporting it, a train 2,000 kilometers long would be needed. This piblin response to the distance from Prague to Madrid.

Temeln u does not meet the wages until the end of the year. Nevertheless, it is clear that the achievable (average) power of the second unit will be achieved this year. It is currently 1082 MWe and could be megawatt. In the energy sector, and they will have a complete evening of analysis.

It should be an effect related to the new separtors, which we changed during the summer shutdown on the second block. We are currently completing the garann ​​men and they will be judged by a German manufacturer,

stated Jan Kruml, director of Jadern at Temeln power plant.

Since the arrest of the pandemic, the nuclear power plant has been vigorously tightened up measures related to COVID-19.

Temeln and Dukovany are among the most important elements of the critical infrastructure of the Czech Republic. That is why we approached the introduction of preventive measures in advance. Thanks to them, the power plants are fully operational and the pandemic itself did not affect them in any way,

explains only the Board of Directors and the Director of the Nuclear Energy Division Bohdan Zronek.

Among other things, in the course of August, the Temeln power plant spun into a nook, a corridor in front of the main entrance or reduced the capacity of the dining rooms. Thanks to these measures, the energy companies have always ensured a reliable operation and supply of electricity since the pandemic itself.

Marek Svitk,
speak EZ, Jadern elektrrna Temeln

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