Singapore Releases Tourist Quarantine 8 Countries, RI Entry?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia– Singapore announces it will open a line vaccinated travel lane (VTL) for foreign tourists from eight countries. That way later travelers can travel freely without having to quarantine, for those who have been vaccinated.

Reported from CNBC International, VTL itself was announced in detail by the Singapore Ministry of Transport. The VTL line will apply to Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK and the United States (US).

“All eight countries are already open to tourists from Singapore. So VTL will restore quarantine -free two -way travel between Singapore and them,” Communications Minister S Iswaran said on Saturday (9/10/2021).

The initiative allows quarantine-free travel for those who are vaccinated, but travelers must take a Covid-19 test to ensure they don’t catch the virus before entering the country.

This plan will begin to open on Tuesday, and travelers from eligible countries will be able to enter Singapore from 19 October 2021. Apart from Singapore, another country implementing a similar practice, namely South Korea, announced this plan on Friday.

Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong projected that it would take three to six months to achieve a new normal co-exist with Covid-19.

How do we know when we enter the new normal? It will happen when we can loosen the restrictions, only having [langkah-langkah manajemen yang aman] mild, and cases remain stable, maybe hundreds a day, but not increasing,” he said.

He added that when the hospital was back to normal, and business was running, community activities could be carried out without worry or weirdness. Lee urged the nation not to be paralyzed by fear and said that sooner or later everyone will meet the virus, even the elderly.

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“It will take at least three months, and maybe as long as six months to reach a new normal,” Lee added.

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