Singer Justin Timberlake’s beloved woman has secretly given birth to the couple’s second son

Bila, 38, became the mother of her second son last week. The family – Bill, 39 – year – old Timberlake and the couple ‘s five – year – old son Sailas – take over the pandemic in Montana. And the DailyMail reported that there had been an increase in the family, learning that Bail’s mother Kimberley had spent most of last week with her youngest grandchild.

It has also been observed that neither Bill nor Timberlake have shared on social networks with new photos showing Jessica below the waist since March, when the actress had a birthday.

On March 3, when Bill celebrated his birthday, his Instagram posted a photo of him in home clothes and a robe – Jessica was supposed to be in her fourth month of pregnancy.

But on March 25, Justin had shown his followers a photo of his wife looking into the distance, gazing at the snowy mountains.

Timberlake and Baila’s second son came into the world only eight months after Justin was caught resting with his colleague Alish Weinwright. The actress’ hand was on Justin’s knee, Timberlake didn’t have a wedding ring on his finger, and he was also very oiled. Two weeks later, Justin publicly apologized to Jessica for his actions. Jessica Bila’s husband testified that he had made a terrible mistake. The singer has sworn that he and his young actress “had nothing”.

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Justin Timberlake’s wife, Jessica Bill, is only now discovering that she has had an emergency caesarean section.

“I drank too much that evening and regretted my behavior. This is not the example I would like to show my son, ”Timberlake admitted in his Instagram profile. He has asked Jessica for forgiveness and promised that in the future there will be a better husband for his wife and a better father for his son. In just a few hours after the public apology was made public, it was marked with a rating of more than one million.

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