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The hotels are simply annoying for solo travelers

Who often travels alone, knows what to expect in the hotel: a chamber in a poor location, Spartan furnishings. But does it really have to be that way? And why pay for this misery even a supplement?

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Annette Prosinger

Single rooms in the hotel are an impertinence Single rooms in the hotel are an impertinence

Tight and cheerless: single rooms in the hotel are an impertinence

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IChecking in a hotel and not looking forward to your room is a stupid feeling. But experienced single-bookers know how to keep their expectations in check. Then you are not so shocked when once again the chamber is assigned next to the elevator or the room in the basement or the only one without balcony and view.

It may not even be that hoteliers have something against solo travelers. And certainly they are wrongly accused of wanting to protect themselves from deterrence to singles, because they interfere with the rehearsed on couples service routine.

It is worse: solo travelers seem to play no role in the imagination of the hotel planner, at least not as guests, which is to be enjoyed in any way. Due to a mood of fate, which also provides for staff shortages, cockroaches and clogged toilets, these solo travelers unfortunately appear again and again. Nothing can be done about that. You have to take care of them. Not more. After all, you can ask for a single supplement.

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Hotel rooms for single travelers are Spartan

Because the individual traveler for the hotel planner is a rather unpleasant phenomenon, he is assumed that he himself sees his stay as an annoying affair, which is as unobtrusive as possible. Presumably, the rooms are therefore always similarly Spartan.

Just do not give the impression, you could feel comfortable here. Bed, cupboard, table, that must be enough. The TV is stapled to the wall where space is available, but should turn his neck, who wants to stare.

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The bed is basically narrow and never stands in the room, but shamefully on the long side of the wall, like surrounded by dark wood paneling. This gives the room something monastic. Ora et labora, sleep and move on. Do not look out the window, you will only discover backyard tristesse.

In the US you pay in many hotels per room

Does this really always have to be this way? Do you really have to pay a supplement for this misery? And in times when 77 percent of Germans claim to want to travel alone.

With the surcharge, the hoteliers will no longer be persuaded. Their argumentation (room cleaning and energy costs are equally expensive) is fragile (one bed makes faster than two, showering is less than twice showering, a chamber uses less energy than a double room). But the surcharge has prevailed.

But if you have to pay deduction for the presumption, to show up alone in the hotel, why are you punished additionally by quality reduction?

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There are hotels that are nice enough to give single travelers a double room at a price a little lower than what a couple would pay. Sounds almost fair. Is definitely better than the monastery cell.

But there is something more comforting than falling asleep night after night beside an empty double bed half. If you are traveling in the US, you pay in many hotels not per person, but for the room. With beds in queen or king size, 140 or 180 centimeters wide. The guest chooses what he needs. So logical, so good.

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