Sinovac vaccination application is suspended in Tolima – Health

The Secretary of Health of Tolima, Jorge Bolívar, revealed this Thursday night that 5,767 doses of Sinovac that the department had received this week cannot be used yet and its application is suspended.

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“The vaccination process that was planned for this weekend with the Sinovac vaccine is suspended by a direct order from the Ministry of Health that states that the doses sent on February 24 showed a small deviation from the temperature curve”, Bolívar affirmed.

The official pointed out that, according to the order of the Ministry, these vaccines must be quarantined until it is confirmed with the Sinovac pharmaceutical company if they can be used or not.

And although Bolívar reported that the department already had 25 certified municipalities to start with immunization, they are waiting for the portfolio guidelines and see the possibility of the possible arrival of new doses.

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It should be remembered that last week Tolima received 1,344 doses of the first batch of 50,000 that arrived in the country, 1,343 of which it managed to apply effectively in four days, from Saturday to Sunday, in first-line health workers.

In fact, Tolima did not add new doses applied in the national report that the Ministry of Health sends every afternoon and continues to appear with the same 1,343 since Tuesday.

The 5,767 doses of Sinovac were to be used precisely to reactivate the vaccination. These arrived in Ibagué on Wednesday and represent the total of those assigned by the Ministry of Health of the 192,000 batch of this Chinese drug. 53 percent of them were destined for health workers on the first line of care for covid-19 patients in various municipalities of Tolima and 47 percent were for people over 80 years old located in long-stay centers.

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According to the departmental health secretary, the vaccination will continue this weekend with 1,032 doses that are part of the second batch of 50,000 from Pfizer and will be distributed among the prioritized human talent in health once the diluents necessary for its application arrive, which are expected this Friday.

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