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The Ministry of Health revealed this Monday night Resolution 195 in which the 192,000 doses of the Chinese vaccine are assigned and distributed Sinovac who arrived last Saturday, taking into account that the priority population is the cities of Leticia, Puerto Nariño, Inírida and Mitú, as well as front-line health workers and those over 80 located in long-stay centers.

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These departments that share a border with Brazil were prioritized by the presence of the P.1 variant of Sars-CoV-2 in the neighboring country, which has already been found in at least nine cases in Leticia.

For this purpose, the resolution allocates 40,355 doses, of which 22,741 will be for the Amazon, 12.402 for Guainia and 5,212 for Vaupes. These will serve to cover 71 percent of the population of legal age of Leticia, 37 percent of Puerto Nariño, 66 percent of Inírida and 31 percent of Myth.

These vaccines, according to the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, will begin to be distributed this Tuesday.

(What’s more: They confirm that this Tuesday the first Chinese vaccines arrive in Leticia)

In the same way, the resolution says that taking into account that the technical and network capacities of the departments taken into account in this delivery, the distribution will be made in partial dispatches according to the progress of the National Vaccination Plan in each region and with the agreement of local authorities.

In this sense, it was considered that of the 192,000 doses of Sinovac, 68,951 will be used to immunize human talent belonging to stage I located in municipalities that are not capitals or are part of metropolitan areas in 29 departments.

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These doses will also include health personnel who carry out their practices in these types of municipalities.

Specifically, these are the figures that corresponded to each region:

Antioquia: 10.061

Arauca: 573

Atlantic: 1.275

Bolivar: 1.961

Boyacá: 4.204

Caldas: 1.504

Caquetá: 1.024

Casanare: 1.274



Collided: 227

Córdoba: 2.962

Cundinamarca: 6.144

La Guajira: 2.121

Guaviare: 448

Huila: 2.751

Magdalena: 1.535

Meta: 2.040


North of Santander: 2.639

Putumayo: 685


Risaralda: 320

Santander: 3.056

Sugar: 1.785


Cauca’s Valley:


Resolution 195 also defined that 82,694 doses of this biological will be allocated to begin immunizing people 80 years of age or older in 34 territorial entities, according to the following distribution:

Antioquia: 11.106

Arauca: 309

Atlantic: 1.667

Barranquilla: 2.831

Bogota: 12.026

Bolivar: 2.078

Boyacá: 2.442

Buenaventura: 412

Caldas: 1.993

Caquetá: 439

Cartagena: 1.666

Casanare: 391

Cauca: 2.374

Cesar: 1.575

Collided: 742



La Guajira: 1.272

Guaviare: 72

Huila: 1.675



Narino: 2.963

North of Santander: 2.576

Putumayo: 395


Risaralda: 1.975

Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina: 70

District of Santa Marta: 730

Santander Department: 3.831

Sugar: 2.351

Tolima: 2.716

Cauca’s Valley:


Similarly, the resolution recommends starting vaccination for people aged 80 years and over in centers for the elderly, geriatric institutions or long-stay centers, as well as people of that age group who are deprived of the freedom in prisons.

This week another 50,000 doses of Pfizer are expected to arrive.

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