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Sitara’s anger and Andrea’s doubts

“Are you done minding my business about what I eat?” The fairy tale that Nicole had dreamed of for her and for Andrea begins to crumble, the girl becoming aware that her new husband has not been completely honest with her since the “yes” day. It happens during the fourth episode of Marriage at first sight Italy, when couples are confronted with the last day of their honeymoon before returning home and testing the most difficult phase of their relationship: living together. Before then, however, the first doubts and insecurities begin to appear on the horizon.

Andrea, who up to that moment had revealed in the confessional that he was not satisfied with Nicole’s physical appearance, begins, for example, to send very subtle signals to the new wife that the person concerned now receives and now does not.

The fact that he felt compelled to scold her for having “exaggerated” at breakfast last morning before packing is clear where it will take us.: Nicole suspects something and Andrea is no longer able to keep her torments to herself. The problem, however, is another: it is normal not to be physically attracted to someone who has not chosen oneself, but then why was the boy the first to deceive Nicole by kissing her on the mouth the very day of the wedding, just when she sensed that something was wrong? We will find out soon. Meanwhile, another couple seems to be there to break out: let’s talk about the one formed by Gianluca and Sitara. When the girl discovers that the 30-year-old is still in contact with her ex, she blurts out and gives a scene that in comparison a bonfire of Temptation Island it is a Gregorian chant. Although Gianluca tries to justify himself and to explain to her that the fact of feeling does not mean that he has kept the flame of love alive, Sitara is not there, and chooses the strategy of attack.


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The tension between the two is evident: the more Sitara attacks him, the more Gianluca withdraws into himself trying in every way to mend the tear between them. The boat moored near the Island of Elba becomes smaller, almost asphyxiated, and the discussions between the two, where even particularly heavy words fly, seem to reach a point of no return. On the one hand there is Sitara who thinks that the more he will raise his voice the more he will be respected, on the other there is Gianluca who cannot claim his reasons because he is completely overwhelmed by her excessive reactions. How will it end? Luckily, to counterbalance, there are on the other side Luca and Giorgia, the most balanced and genuinely similar couple of this edition of Wedding at first sight Real Time license plate: they like each other, they want each other and, although there are doubts and perplexities here too, they manage to overcome them through sharing. They remind us a little of Cecilia and Luca from last year, with the hope, however, that for them there is really a happy ending.


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