Swiss exchange operator SIX is purchasing a stake in Omniex as part of a wider partnership with the digital asset trading platform. The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Live since 2018, Omniex offers an institutional investment and trading platform created specifically for digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

SIX says the partnership will offer its customers a gateway for cryptocurrency exchanges and OTC market makers around the world, offering them new business opportunities.

Positioning itself at the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution, SIX is currently building SIX Digital Exchange (SDX), which promises to be the world’s first end-to-end exchange for digital assets at launch.

Thomas Zeeb, chief, securities and exchanges, SIX, says: “We see a growing need in the market to access cryptocurrencies. Our new partnership will provide a standardized and secure gateway through SIX as a trusted partner in the financial sector.

“With SDX as a digital exchange infrastructure in development, the collaboration with Omniex to provide the front-end for customers, both for existing crypto currencies and in the future for listed assets in SDX, is an important addition to the digital ecosystem “.


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