Monday, 10 Dec 2018

Skins now need a win against the Giants – and help – to reach the playoffs

The chances of the Redskins qualifying for the playoffs were very difficult Monday night. (Toni L. Sandys / The Washington Post) Two broken legs have greatly reduced the chances of the Washington Redskins in the playoffs. The team was tied for first place in the NFC last week, but has now lost four of its five games. Quarterbacks Alex Smith and Colt McCoy have both lost for the season in three games. The team ended up with a healthy quarter after Monday's 28-13 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles: Mark Sanchez, who was signed by the team just two weeks ago. It's hard enough to win games with your starting quarterback, but few teams are successful with their third. The foundation built after a 5-2 start was collapsed and, although the Redskins are still in the playoff race from a mathematical point of view, the state of the art is still a matter of fact. team (they also lost three starting goaltenders for injury) makes it unlikely coach Jay Gruden will reach the playoffs for the second time in his five-year tenure at the Redskins. The New York Times playoff simulator in Washington with a 31% chance to do so and 9% victory over the NFC East. Neil Greenberg of the post office had these probabilities at 44% and 28% last week.[[[[Redskins loses his second quarter for the season in the Eagles' 28-13 loss, a blow to the playoff chances]If the season ends today The loss to the Eagles, combined with the Seahawks' 49ers victory, places Seattle in the playoffs and leaves Washington out of the way. The Rams (11-1), who have already won the NFC West, and the Saints (10-2) remain the first two seeds of the NFC with a first-round exemption. The Bears (8-4) continue to occupy first place in the North of the NFC and would be the No. 3 seeded sixth division Vikings (6-5-1). The fourth-seeded Dallas Cowboys (7-5) would host No. 5 Seahawks (7-5). The Panthers, Eagles and Redskins would be the first three teams with identical records of 6-6. Next week, the Redskins need all wins after losing four out of five defeats, and a home game against the troubled New York Giants presents this opportunity. However, this does not help to make up for the playoffs as an opponent would in the hunt. A win plus an Eagles victory over the Cowboys would tie all three teams at the top of the division and give a glimmer of hope to Washington's chances of qualifying for the playoffs before the last three games. The other clashes to watch The Redskins need teams in front of them in the wild card race to start losing games. Washington could be injured at the same time and helped the Eagles meet the Cowboys. A win in Philadelphia, combined with a Redskins win, would tie the NFC East to a tie at 7-6, but also make the generic image more crowded. Monday's game between the Seahawks 7-5 and the Vikings 6-5-1 has big implications for the ghost cards, while the 6-6 Panthers, losers of four consecutive games, face the Browns on the road. More coverage Redskins: to remember the 28-13 loss inflicted by the Redskins on the Eagles' injury Colt McCoy, the last misfortune to judge the Redskins Redskins loses two other starters while injuries continue to weigh on the alignment already beaten.

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