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Škoda Auto will enable DoDo, Zásilkovny and Alza couriers to deliver consignments to the trunks of parked vehicles

Update 14:08 – we have added information about Alza couriers

The companies Alza, DoDo and Zásilkovna, in cooperation with the Škoda Auto carmaker, launched a delivery service directly into the trunk of the customer’s car. The car will be unlocked remotely without the need for the owner. Businesses want this technology to make it easier for customers to pick up shipments.

In the case of DoDo, the car is opened remotely via the myŠKODA application.The service has undergone two years of testing and will be available in Prague for the time being. However, it is planned to expand to other cities.

“Apart from the goods subject to age verification, virtually any order that fits in the space can be delivered to the suitcase. Thanks to the DoDo personal assistant service, the customer can task the courier with really anything, even via Facebook Messenger. You can have it picked up and in the car deliver a sports bag that you will forget at home in the morning on the day of training and load a large package of feed for pets or gifts that remain safely hidden from the eyes of the recipients in the car. AND if a work appointment unexpectedly appears on your calendar, the courier will bring you an ironed suit and will prepare it for a car parked in front of the office, “says DoDo’s CEO Martin Marek.

Delivery to the suitcase, which is offered by the Alza.cz e-shop, works in a similar way. As part of the Delivery to My Car, Alza Express couriers will deliver the goods at a pre-determined time at the selected address. When ordering via the website or mobile application, the customer chooses the day, time and approximate address where his car will be parked. The courier will then be able to unlock the vehicle once at a given time.

“Our IT and logistics teams have been involved in the implementation of the project since its initial concept. Thanks to this, the service is fully integrated into our ecosystem and as accessible to customers owning a technically competent car as regular delivery to AlzaBox,” he said. Tomáš Havryluk, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alza.cz.

A slightly different approach was chosen by Zásilkovna, which, in cooperation with Škoda, developed the Zásilkovna do auta service. In this case, the customer first orders delivery to the address and then redirects it to his Škoda car in the application using an electronic form. The customer will receive it in the standard notification e-mail at the moment when we receive the consignment physically for transport. The customer will then state when and where approximately his car will be parked and confirm the operation by logging in to his Škoda Connect account. The driver of the Mailbox then opens the car via the application on his phone.

“We have been developing and testing the technological solution for several months and deliver it in cooperation with Škoda Auto,” he says Simona Kijonková, founder of Zásilkovna and CEO of the Packeta group.

“Thanks to the Car Access solution, the Škoda car will provide its owner with a quality service even when it is only parked and would not normally provide any added value to its owner. With this service, we expand our range of mobility solutions and offer customers time savings and convenience. and in many ways make their daily lives easier, for example, they allow them to take advantage of delivery while they are working, eliminating the time they would otherwise spend waiting for a courier. contactless, which is undoubtedly an indisputable advantage today, ”he describes the benefits of the new service Martin Jahn, Member of the Board of Directors for Sales and Marketing of Škoda Auto.

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