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Sky Q: Pay TV station merges linear television and On-demand content

A surface for Sky, Netflix and Free-TV

Everything new makes May – even with Sky! The pay-TV channel introduces Sky Q, a new interface for its receivers and apps. Not only does it give you access to the linear TV program, but also Sky’s on-demand content and partners like Netflix. In addition, Sky Q offers even more innovations.

Sky Q combines pay-TV, free-TV and app content under one user interface.

Sky Q combines pay-TV, free-TV and app content under one user interface. (Source: Sky)

In the UK and Italy, Sky Q has been available for some time, now comes the home entertainment system of the pay-TV channel also to Germany. From the 2nd of May you will not only be able to access the TV program of Sky Q via Sky Q. Sky but also on the on-demand content of Sky go and Sky Kids. TV program and on-demand contents are partly even in 4K (Ultra HD) will be broadcast.

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Furthermore, the system allows access to the libraries of ARD and ZDF as well as other smart TV apps. Also the German Free-TV should be able to be called up over the surface of Sky Q and on up to five devices at the same time. Two of the five devices may also be a smartphone or tablet act.

Autoplay, restart and cross-device synchronization

Sky Q is not only intended to unify content from a variety of sources under one interface, but also brings users many new features:

  • With the help of “Restart” customers can easily start already running programs from the beginning.
  • Viewers also have the opportunity to watch their favorite program anytime and on any of their devices at the point where they last stopped. A series episode that was started on the smartphone via Sky Go, for example, can now be watched seamlessly at home via the Sky Q receiver or the new Sky Q app.
  • With “Autoplay On Demand” series seasons should be automatically played consecutively.

All Sky customers with a Sky + Pro Receiver will receive Sky Q automatically at the start of May through an upgrade and at no extra cost. The Sky Q app is also available for May Apple TV (4th Generation) and Samsung Smart TVs (models built since 2015) are available for free.

New features in the summer

Sky Q is to be expanded in summer. The pay-TV broadcaster then promises the integration of Netflix in the offer as well as a voice control. However, access to the Netflix catalog via Sky Q still requires an additional subscription to the streaming service.

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In addition, Sky will also bring new hardware to Germany – including the media player Sky Q Mini and the Sky Soundbox, a set-top box with integrated speakers. In addition, there will be a Sky Ticket TV Stick to buy. It should be a compact variant of Sky TV Box act.

Prices for Sky Q and the new hardware called the provider yet. Sky is currently working on simplifying the supply and pricing structure. Details should follow.

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