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Slap makes Ginka Stancheva “mistress” of Apostle Karamitev

Husband actress Peycho Peev was very jealous and suffered all his life from his wife’s worship, determined for the first sex symbol in the authentic cinema

While many men sigh about the beautiful Ginka Stancheva, she can’t blink all night and turns in bed as if she’s sick and anxious before meeting a man who makes all women faint. He is on his idol Apostle Karamitev. Once upon a time, the young actress appeared heartbroken at the rehearsals for their first joint film “Oath of Robbery”. Fortunately, the great artist predisposes him with warmth and cordiality, so that he can control his arousal in his own presence. In the end, the two will be the top screen couple in “Favorite 13” and “Specialist in Everything”.

It is a great horror for Ginka when, in order to take the role of “Favorite 13”, he must slap Karamitev hard. She gathers courage and makes it impressive, so that she embarks on another adventure with the star of the cult film. It was after this film that the rumor that the two were lovers became very lingering. On the way and along the way, curious ladies and gentlemen ask Stancheva if she and Apostol still have “something like that”, because like chemistry in front of the camera “how to do …?”.

Whenever these questions ignite the anger of her husband – actor Peycho Peev, who was jealous. However, Italian blood also flowed through his veins, which still boils when it comes to his wife’s charm and other men’s appetite for him. Peev goes crazy when he sees a portrait of his wife with a beautiful naked breast in the play “Richard II” in the window of the Youth Theater, while the spectators are foaming in front of the picture. He immediately ordered its removal.

Why compare Ginka Stancheva and Scarlett O’Hara – it’s on the site of “168 hours”.

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