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Slovakian Jakub became the most beautiful man in Europe! nonetheless, he did not represent our country. Why? (an interview)

Is it still entered? He came to Love Island as a single athlete from Bratislava. Today, he is a rising modeling star who made it among the best at Mister Supranational 2023.

From Love Island to the world charm pageant

If you are a fan of the popular reality show Love Island, you will definitely register a sympathetic one Jakuba Viteka. Brunet from Bratislava formed a couple in the show with the Czech Miss Hanka Dědková, with whom he remains a couple to this day.

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Jakub and Hana were left at the gates of the final of Love Island, but their relationship lasted

Source: Voyo, TV Markíza

Apart from love, nonetheless, TV dating opened the door to the world of modeling. Although Jakub is a native of Slovakia, he represented our Czech neighbors at the world competition. The IT specialist and athlete made it to the TOP 10 during the world finals of Mister Supranational in Poland and won the title of Mister Supranational Europe for 2023.

“This journey, which began in early January, has turned out to be the action of a lifetime. I owe the spark of inspiration to my Hanka, whose constant support became my pillar and strength in the most difficult moments,” Jakub confessed on his Instagram shortly after this success.

“When I look back on this remarkable journey, I realize that it was not just a competition, it changed me and revealed my true self. The ups and downs, joy and tears, all shaped the person I am today, with newfound strength and resilience.”

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He didn’t expect to fall in love on a reality show

It’s been almost a year since you left Love Island and jumped into the world of show business. How do you feel in the world of celebrities?

I think it’s like 15 minutes of fame and it’s up to each of us how we use it. But honestly, I enjoy it and it’s also one of the reasons why I went on such a reality show. Each of us wanted to gain a little visibility and gain followers, we won’t lie to each other. Doors have opened for me, to many spheres such as modeling, and I’m glad for that.

You fell in love with Hanka on Love Island and are still a couple today. Did you expect to find someone with whom you can really last?

Honestly, when I went there, I didn’t really believe in the concept that one could come there and find one’s soulmate. What the hell didn’t want, after about two or three weeks I fell in love. The show is really built in such a way that you can find those emotional ties to the other person there. I can confirm that things are still great between us, I even think it’s even better than it was there.

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Jakub and Hanka have been together almost a year since the end of the second series of Love Island

Source: instagram.com/jakubvitek__

Did something happen after you left the villa that you realized you didn’t have in common?

They are such classics. There, everyone tried to calm down in various situations. Of course, we also had some arguments over time, but I think that’s part of every normal relationship. Everything was always within the norm and we knew how to discuss it.

Would you return to Love Island if given the chance again?

I’m happily engaged now, so of course not, but if it wasn’t, I’d do it again without hesitation. It gave me a wonderful partner, it opened many doors for me and I’m glad for it.

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Thanks to triathlon, Jakub Vitek can boast of a well-developed figure

Source: instagram.com/jakubvitek__

He likes to take every opportunity, nudity in front of the lens is not a problem for him

You are quite active in sports, how do your colleagues perceive the fact that you started modeling?

I’ve been doing sports, specifically triathlon, for five years and I don’t make a living from it, it’s my hobby, but it fulfills me and I enjoy it. My friends and colleagues from sports knew that I was the type of person who always wanted it. Sometimes when I wear some more extravagant outfits, they make fun of me and ask what I’m wearing, but they know that it’s something I’ve always wanted in life and they support me. I tried modeling when I was 22, but it didn’t work out for me then.

And is there anything you wouldn’t wear on yourself anymore?

It’s hard to say, in my opinion it’s a very fragile line and it always depends on the specific styling. But I never explicitly said no to anything. I even had one photo shoot where I was completely naked, covering my nature and wearing only a jacket. Well, as long as it’s within some decency, I don’t have a problem with it.


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Does she not regret that she represented the Czech Republic and not Slovakia at the world finals of the Mister Supranational competition?

This opportunity presented itself to me and I took it as something that might come once in a lifetime. Everything is within the rules and standards. My girlfriend lives in the Czech Republic and I also have a job there, I’m actually better known there than in Slovakia, which is one of the factors. On the one hand, I’m sorry, but when, if not now. I like to take every opportunity and see nothing wrong with that. I have always dreamed of something like this and now it has come true.

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Jakub Vitek made it to the TOP 10 in the finals of the world competition and won the title of European Champion

Source: instagram.com/jakubvitek__

What first attracts him in women, but also in men?

What do you think is your strongest point in competition with other men?

I think that I’m not exactly a model type of person, at the same time I’m actively involved in sports and even in Mister Surpanational it’s not just about the appearance, but in general about what you do in life, how you can express yourself. It must be a complete package.

What is Hanka’s opinion on your modeling career, who herself was part of the Czech Miss in the past?

Of course, she supports me a lot, for which I thank her. It can be said that she was the one who got me into it and introduced me to my manager, Tatiana Makareno.

Do you want to continue modeling, or will you go back to the “normal” life?

I would definitely like to stay for a photo shoot and some sightseeing. It’s a pleasant change in my life, because I normally work and everything that happens in “show business” is for me a spice of the classic life, when I just sit and work at the computer.

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Jakub Vitek became famous thanks to the second series of Love Island from 2022

Source: richard nowak

If you are not the center of attention, what do you notice about other men?

I think it’s quite trendy now for guys to have full hair. Everyone notices facial features. Well, I would definitely notice charisma, when someone walks into a room and has that aura around them, you can see it right away. Well, the same thing, I notice some curves and that personality in women too.

You can see more shots of Jakub, as well as his girlfriend Hanka and their moments together in Love Island, in our gallery:

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