January 5, 2020

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small means, great productions in Uganda

History will remember that this is where a cinema of a new genre was born: Wakaliwood, inspired by the name of a slum in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. Handcrafted Hollywood. Crazy movies made with three times nothing. The filming takes place in the backyard of Isaac Nabwana, the only director and creator of Wakaliwood. All utensils are collected. A film costs no more than € 200.

The ingredients are well known: kung fu, waterfalls, weapons and lots of laughs. "For me, violence is a language, a language that everyone understands. Me, I call it action-comedy, because it's always a comedy, we laugh, it's for fun", explains the director. The technicians and the actors do not earn enough to live from their passion, but they find their account there."I love it because there is action and in this film I am the strongest of all the gangsters", Appolo Asiimwhe rejoices. In less than 15 years, Isaac Nabwana has already made around fifty films.

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