Smart door locks instead of short messages – or WebSMS, the company behind the brand – has changed hands a few times in recent years. Most recently, the company was sold for a whopping 50.9 million euros sold to Norway. Martin and Jürgen Pansy – the two founders of the company – are inseparable from In the meantime, however, both of them focus on other projects.

WebSMS sales: “I can only congratulate”

It was a big surprise when it became known on Tuesday that WebSMS was being sold to the Norwegian company “Link Mobility”, which specializes in messaging and mobile communications. Just a few weeks earlier, Runtastic founder Florian Gschwandtner had acquired an eight percent stake in WebSMS. Christian C. Waldheim, CEO of WebSMS, was satisfied with the sale: “Link Mobility and WebSMS complement each other perfectly. My team and I look forward to becoming part of the Link Mobility family and contributing to Link Mobility’s pillars of growth ”.

Martin Pansy also congratulates: “You can only congratulate the team behind WebSMS on this achievement. It is the result of continuous development towards a company that satisfies thousands of corporate customers across Austria’s borders. I hope that with the new owner we can continue on this path or even better. “

Founded in the old millennium

In a sense, this path to Norway started in 1999: At that time the company was founded by Martin and Jürgen Pansy in Graz. In 2007 then went to the Italian media group Buongiorno, Martin Pansy acted as managing director. The company has been part of the atms group since 2017, and on Tuesday it was sold to Norway.

The Pansy brothers have been busy elsewhere for a long time. In 2012 you founded “Up to Eleven”, a “Company Builder”, with the aim of bringing new digital and tech products onto the market. The money from the sale of should be invested in new products, it was said at the time. It was an impressive success: the two brothers founded the smart home manufacturer Nuki – also in Graz. Martin Pansy acts as Managing Director, Jürgen Pansy is Head of Tech.

Nuki on the rise

Business is running, says Martin Pansy: “In the five years of its existence, Nuki has developed from an ambitious idea to the European market leader for smart door locks. To achieve this at this speed exceeds our expectations. Even if the Corona crisis put a few more obstacles in our way, Nuki will continue to grow in 2020 and will be in use on well over 150,000 doors by the end of the year. We still have big plans for the coming years, after all there are still many keys and mechanical locks that could use digitization. “

Further projects in progress

51 percent of Nuki belong to Up to Eleven, where Martin Pansy works as Managing Director and Jürgen Pansy is responsible for the “Strategy” area. The brothers have also invested in Bernadette Frech’s instahelp through the “Company Builder”. So the bustling brothers won’t get bored anytime soon – the next ideas are already in the works: “Personally, we are both doing very well, given the circumstances. We can make good use of the more intensive time with the family and also properly vision ideas and projects. “

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