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Smart Guardiola, boring Barça | sports

The Champions returned and did not disappoint. Almost all the qualifiers are open – although Valencia and Chelsea would need epic comebacks – and this gives the competition even more expectation. The Champions League, from eighth, gives us fun nights and that’s why we are already counting the days for the return matches. Last week he let us resurface Atlético de Madrid. A few days before Simeone was placed on the tightrope and as the target of all criticism. After winning an unstoppable Liverpool so far, Cholo is once again on the altar. And regardless of the style of football with which they identify, very few know how to compete so well. A quarterfinal Athletic would be a new personal success of Simeone. And there are many.

The one that did not give the stature was the Valencia that little could face one of the most offensive and scorer teams in Europe. Atalanta looks for individual duels both in attack and defense, they are knowledgeable about their virtues in that regard and have already become the revelation team of this Champions League. For revelation in recent years we have Leipzig, with its coach Nagelsmann in front, who, in addition to being fighting for the Bundesliga, last week put a whole Mourinho and his Tottenham on the ropes. It is true that between the limitations of the players and the losses that he had … the 0-1 is quite a good result.

This week he brought us the qualifying star with that Real Madrid-City and, in addition, he confirmed the doubts of Barça and the deficiencies of Madrid. The latter offered an entertaining game that ended up losing just but still doing very little could even win it. A tonic in a Madrid of Zidane that was surpassed by Guardiola, intelligent in the approach with false 9 and that even allowed his players to sometimes avoid the forced and risky departure from behind. An intelligent and powerful De Bruyne led his team, read the spaces and directed his team to occupy them and use them correctly.

For its part, Barça was again a boring team, and it is worth that the opponent made it very difficult, but it is that the movement of the Barça ball makes it easy for anyone. That, and some lacks in the interpretation of the game. His sides remain more than they add, Griezmann still does not appear or look out and Vidal returned to be who, along with Busquets, better associated with Messi. And that is not a great sign.

Female blackout And from the European Cup to the Queen’s Cup. Without much diffusion to coincide with the days of the Champions League and with some not very desirable qualifiers, the highlight was how much it cost Barça to eliminate Deportivo Abanca (with a goal in the last minute of the extension) and that the new San Mamés reopened the doors to his women’s team.

The recently signed collective agreement left a good taste in the mouth and more tranquility in the players, although the issue of television rights remains an unresolved issue. Athletic, Barcelona, ​​CD Tacón (future Real Madrid) and Madrid CFF are out of the contract with Mediapro, who is the one who exploits the audiovisual rights of the rest of the Iberdrola League teams. As a result of this, the games that play as visitors the four teams previously named will not be given on any television. It will be left without issuing some of the best and most interesting confrontations for the viewer, wasting unique opportunities to attract more people and build loyalty to the followers. Right now, in this Copa de la Reina it could be the case that the semifinals are not broadcast if the draw indicates that Barça and Athletic were visitors.

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