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Šmejc will lead PPF, after Kellner’s death he will be led by Bartoníček

“For myself and my family, I would like to sincerely thank Láď Bartoníček for all the work we have done together, and not just for the last year. Lada has been doing a fantastic job at PPF for many years. her contribution in the post-death period of my husband, when we also faced this loss and the extraordinarily favorable macroeconomic situation, “said Renáta Kellnerová, widow of PPF owner Petr Kellner, in a press release. He died tragically in Alaska last year.

Kellner is the estate manager until the end of the ongoing inheritance proceedings. Thus, it has a majority of voting rights, namely the family owns 98.93 percent of the group’s shares, whose asset value is around 40 billion euros, ie about one billion crowns.

The changes will take effect on June 15, 2022. Bartoníček, however, will not be completely finished – he will move to the newly established Family Board. The members of the committee will also be Šmejc and Křetínský. At the same time, Šmejc bought an option to buy up to a ten percent stake in the PPF group. It is applicable after three years, ie in 2025. However, the condition will achieve an agreed increase in the value of the entire group.

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At the same time, Bartoníček will remain a minority shareholder along with Jean-Pascal Duvieusart.

Šmejc was previously a minority shareholder in PPF in the past, especially from 2005 to 2012. At that time, it owned a 5% stake. “I really appreciate their offer to lead the PPF group. I take it to humanity as a confirmation of the long-term friendship with Petr Kellner’s family, which has always played an important role in my life,” said the entrepreneur on his return.

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“Professionally, this is the tip of the iceberg that an entrepreneur can achieve in the Czech Republic. There is only one PPF and I will do my best to strengthen its completely unique position even more,” he added.

PPF Group operates in 25 countries. He has invested in a number of industries, from financial services to telecommunications, media, biotechnology, real estate and engineering. PPF operates in Europe, Asia and North America. An important part of it is, for example, the consumer loan provider Home Credit, the financial house Air Bank, which merged with Moneta Money Bank, or telecommunications company CETIN and 02 Czech Republic.

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