Smith lost to Teixeira at UFC Fight Night 171 on May 14

Ivan Orekhov

UFC fighter Smith fought a burglar a month ago. It cost him a defeat from Teixeira

Anthony should not have agreed to a duel with Glover: he was psychologically unprepared for the fight.

The Main Event at UFC Fight Night 171 turned out to be bright, but cruel. Despite the perfect start for the favorite Anthony Smith, in the third round, the American swam and, having missed a shot in the eye, fell onto the floor.

What happened next was more like a beating than a duel of two light heavyweights. For 10 minutes, a Brazilian veteran inflicted terrible damage on an opponent – many experts are puzzled why the judge or Smith’s corner did not finish the destruction earlier.

Everything ended only in the final fifth round. And while Teixeira enjoyed the victory, the press spread the news about what consequences for the Lionheart (nickname favorite) suffered a defeat. According to journalist Ariel Helwani, after the tournament, the losing fighter was diagnosed with nose and orbital fractures, the loss of two teeth and a deep dissection above the right eye.

How did it happen that an upscale applicant suffered such losses in Jacksonville?

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Glover Teixeira smeared Smith’s canvas. Veterans are still deciding!

Undoubtedly, the physical preparation, as well as the morale of the athlete, was affected by the incident that happened a month ago in Smith’s house in Omaha (USA). One of April nights, Anthony and his family were awakened by noise on the ground floor – the offender was moving too noisily, and, going down, the UFC fighter faced an uninvited guest face to face.

“I do not lie when I say that that fight was one of the most difficult in my entire life,” the shocked athlete admitted in an interview with ESPN. “I joined the battle, ready to die.” No one smart enough breaks into someone else’s house in the middle of the night without weapons.

And you know … No normal person can fight like that. I’m by no means the coolest dude on the planet. But he seems to be an ordinary person, and it was very difficult for me to deal with him. He withstood every blow that I delivered. Every fist, every knee, every elbow … He withstood each of them and continued to fight with me! ”

It turned out that Luke Haberman, a former amateur wrestler, burst into Smith’s territory. The 21-year-old guy had time before this to visit several more neighboring houses, from where, of course, the hosts exhibited him. In the case of Anthony, the offender (assuming local media who was intoxicated) became embittered and climbed on a professional fighter with fists. As a result, the American managed to knock down Haberman to the floor and keep the escaping Luke until the arrival of the police.

So, after such a shock, was it worth taking a battle with the most experienced Teixer and casting doubt on your claimant claims? Probably, the Lionheart simply did not calculate the emotional load and preferred a calm recovery from shock from a splash of adrenaline in the octagon.

Smith in the battle with Teixeira lost two teeth and received a fracture of the orbital bone

It is worth noting that the story of Smith entering the house surfaced a few weeks ago after another drunken adventures and the arrest of light heavyweight champion John Jones. Anthony Smith then pricked Bony, noting that if the first number outside the weight categories had come to his home, he would have left the garage door open and smashed Jones’s face.

“Anthony, if you decided to leave the garage door open for the whole night, then hurry up to buy your family a gun, a mace or something else, since such a moron like me could very well come to visit and spend the whole night with you, and it would be bad for everyone, ”the scandalous champion retorted.

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