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Smoking: nearly 30% of young smokers exposed to cigarettes at home

Smoking affects boys as well as girls: among 13-15 year olds, 28% of boys and 10% of girls smoke. This is indicated by the Global Youth Tobacco Survey of 2016. The study commissioned by the Ministry of Health was made public on Monday, June 5.

The minister, Anwar Husnoo, unveiled it during a ceremony as part of the Tobacco Free Day at GMD Atchia College.

This report shows even more disturbing facts: almost 30% of these young smokers say they have been exposed to cigarettes at home and 30.3% of them say they started smoking before they even reached the point of smoking. age of puberty. More than 6% of young smokers consume more than six cigarettes per day. As for the electronic cigarette, 10.9% of these adolescents use it.

The report clearly indicates that cigarette smoking begins when children and adolescents are unaware of the harmful effects of smoking on health as well as the addictive effect of nicotine.

Also according to this study, the prevalence of smoking among 13-15 year olds has remained the same in recent years despite multiple awareness campaigns. Ease of access is one of the factors that encourage young people to smoke. Half of these minors admit to buying tobacco in shops and 8 in 10 young smokers say they buy their cigarettes at retail.


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