Sniper Elite 4 receives Enhanced Upgrade for PS5

Since yesterday Saturday there is now the free enhanced upgrade for Sniper Elite 4. With version 1.18 there is more power for the PS5.

the essentials in brief

  • The enhanced upgrade is now also available for the third-person shooter Sniper Elite 4.
  • The update for next-gen consoles has been available for free download since Saturday.
  • But there is only more power for the PS5 and not for the Xbox Series X / S.

The Enhanced Upgrade for Sniper Elite 4 has been available for free download since July 23rd. Players who own the game for PS4 or Xbox One can purchase the next-gen version for the respective consoles. However, the performance upgrade is only available for the PS5.

Next-gen improvements to Sniper Elite 4

The performance boost with the new version is pretty much in line with expectations. As in many other games, there is now a 4K resolution, 60 FPS and reduced loading times. These upgrades are only available for the version on the PlayStation, as “” notes.

The trailer for the enhanced upgrade for Sniper Elite 4.

The end of the game embark on the Second World War on the Italian peninsula. The protagonist Karl Fairburne goes here in the most diverse areas such as sunny coastal cities, Nazi strongholds or hidden mountain monasteries. On the PlayStation, the title is currently also on offer at PS Now, where the update is also already available.

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