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Snoring, an “alarm sign” for half of Argentines

No matter how unbearable the noise, do not shake the bed partner. Or buy those strange devices that cover your mouth or nose. The snore is a “alarm sign”That something affects our airway. And it requires consulting the doctor, as experts warn during the Sleep Week, which runs until March 13.

“Between 40% and 60% of Argentines snore,” he tells Clarion Verónica Sartori, otolaryngologist of the Snoring and Sleep Apnea sector of the Italian Hospital and CEMIC and member of the Argentine Association of Sleep Medicine (AAMS).

Add to snore It is more common in men than in women, although when they enter menopause the prevalence is equalized.

Something that worries is the increase of minors that snore “We have more and more young people. We are seeing it in adolescents from the age of 16. That has to do with alcohol consumption, which produces more muscle relaxation during the night and that produces more snoring,” says Sartori.

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Experts warn that snoring is the “first sign of alarm.” If left untreated, it can lead to a syndrome of obstructive sleep apnea, which consists of the partial or almost total obstruction of the upper airway during sleep.

Snorers suffer the sleep fragmentation. They need to get up in the bathroom several times at night, daytime sleepiness, morning headaches, feeling of bulging when they get up, changes in mood and school or work performance, memory disorders, decreased libido, sexual disorders and problems as a couple

Hours of sleep according to age

But it also affects the quality of life of who live with him. The German Society of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, in a 2014 study, describes that 40% of snoring couples or with untreated apnea sleep at least once a week in separate rooms, 36% use protective caps for sleep and 35% have interpersonal problems.

In addition, this disorder affects society, because increases the risk of accidents. Excessive daytime sleepiness – linked to snoring – causes a decrease in attention, reaction and consequent reflexes. According to data shared by Sartori, this causes 28% of domestic accidents, 52% of occupational accidents and 41 to 54% of roads.

Although less frequent, women also snore (AFP).

Although less frequent, women also snore (AFP).

Test: Does your snoring deserve attention?

There are some homemade scales that can guide us if we are in the presence of snoring and apnea.

1- I don’t snore.

2- Snoring sporadically. It is related to having consumed alcohol, having a hearty dinner, or after excessive exercise.

3- I snore all or almost every night, I annoy my partner or my roommates.

4- I snore very intensely, I wake up with my own snoring, I wake up startled or short of breath. My partner tells me that I do apnea.

Situations 3 and 4 require visiting a specialist. “These people should check yes or yes because they are already having a health problem,” says Sartori.

The doctor can assess where the obstruction is. “If the snoring is of the positional type, that is to say that the person snores only sleeping on his back, making him sleep on his side is already a treatment,” exemplifies the doctor.

“Maybe the person snores because they have a stuffy nose and that leads them to breathe through their mouths. Perhaps, only by improving their nose is snoring improved. There are also patients who have problems with the palate or tonsils. Sometimes, the orthodontic appliances help, “he continues.

Good habits against snoring

* Do not sleep on your back. It is recommended to do it on your side.

* Do more physical activity. It helps fight insomnia, snoring and apnea.

* Do not exercise at night. Do physical activity up to three hours before going to sleep.

* Eat light at dinner. Avoid meat at night, because it increases the metabolism of food. Leave the heaviest food for lunch.

* Do not eat and go to sleep. Ideally, allow three hours to pass between the end of dinner and the break.

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* Avoid touching a snorer. The fact that he snores fragments his dream. If we touch it to wake it up, or turn it on the bed, we fragment it further.

Asked about the multiple “anti snoring” devices that are sold online, such as nasal clips, silicones, bracelets and brackets, Sartori is blunt: “They are useless”, he assures.

“The patients come with everything they have bought in Mercado Libre … There are even the chin guards, what they do is close their mouths. And if the patient, poor thing, you will close his mouth and if he has a nasal problem he cannot breathe, “alert.

Activities for Sleep Week

The Argentine Association of Sleep Medicine (AAMS) organizes, until March 13, talks in medical institutions in various parts of the country. All are free and free. The agenda is listed on the Association website.

The specialists will give advice for adequate sleep. They will talk about insomnia, excessive daytime sleepiness, restless legs, sleep paralysis, sleepwalking, night terrors, snoring and apnea. In addition, they will share the strategies for their treatment.

On March 13, World Dream Day, culminates with the day “Sleep better, to live better, in a better world” to be done at the Argentine Medical Association (AMA) and is intended for doctors.


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