So ABC anticipated the disaster of Spain in Eurovision


This is the previous article that Javier Díaz-Guardiola dedicated to the Spanish representative in Eurovision and his song:

Is it possible that this year with Spain is happening to us about the man who points the moon with his finger and that we look at the finger? Not only is it possible, it is also happening. A mise-en-scene staging with the signature of Fokas Evangelinos is separating us from the real debate that is the selection system of our representative and the quality of it.

But let's start with the scenography, which is that finger that has us obnubilados: when you have to explain at a press conference what is what you have mounted on stage is that something fails. Some, since the first images of "the house" were filmed, the scene from which Miki and his troupe leave, already saw similarities with the intro of the series "Nobody lives here" (and some horny in networks even dared to merge both realities in a video that is pure fantasy).

What is it that I have?
The fact is that there we have mounted a kind of myth of the Platonic cave, with the dancers starting as shadows trying to leave their cave house and a puppet-puppet like the one used by artists to learn to paint the body (Paco of name), at scale XXXL and that shakes it.

This year we have color (lights, LGTB tracks, Hindu celebration powders …); we have dancers delivered dressed as if they were the Parcheesi of the 21st century; we have Go Pro camera (hopefully we do not run out of batteries), we have the energy to turn the stage into an Olympic marathon; we have logo; we have the lyrics in Spanish and in Andalusian ("what you ere, what you think") … We have to.

And that is one of the problems: we have an iPhone in the hands of a nonagenarians. A pastiche, come on. And with so many things we forget that if something was chosen "The bandage" (that of the bad, was the least worse) was for its freshness, for its charanga spirit that Fokas and theirs have converted into Zumba class for European

No to Operación Triunfo
But that's not the end of it. Without subtracting a bit of value from the involvement of RTVE this year, the effort of Miki and his team, we recognize that we fail in the basics: we have no voice. Miki's is a torment. Nor does it help that the Catalan, with more good will and delivery than tables, does not stop on the stage. They sold us half sticker, but the part that does not hit.

Our public television has to rethink and its representative selection system. We want quality singers, of those of whom we are not afraid that at any moment they may dispel, that exist, believe me; and with trajectory, that do not go out of talent shows with another type of public to eurovisivo. Or, if they left there, that they are already ready. Because this year we did not raise it even if the puppet Paco starts to leverage. The bandages that are going to fall on Sunday! (tagsToTranslate) eurovision (t) 2019 (t) espana (t) disaster


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