So are the Xbox Series X and Series S boxes

In a few days, on September 22, the reserves of Xbox Series X y Xbox Series S, Microsoft’s two next-generation consoles. Both will reach the Spanish market on November 10 for 499 and 299 respectively And precisely today we have learned what the boxes will look like that we will see in stores from that day on.

Has been Aaron Greenberg, head of Xbox video game marketing at Microsoft, who has shared an image in which we can see the boxes of both consoles. The Xbox Series X uses a close-up of the upper part of the machine, allowing us to see in detail the now famous vent of the console, while the Xbox Series S box uses a photo of the console next to the controller, allowing the user get an idea of ​​its small size.

You can see both boxes below:

The newly released official website of Xbox Series X and Series S also specifies the content that these boxes will bring: a console, an Xbox controller, and an ultra-high-speed HDMI cable.

More details on the new Xbox consoles

Also today, new details related to the new Xbox consoles have been revealed, information that until now we do not have as their weight: Xbox Series X pesa 4,45 kg while Xbox Series S has a weight of 1,93 kg. In addition, more information has been given about how backward compatibility works in this latest cheaper and almost as powerful version of Microsoft’s new range of game consoles.

The weight of the consoles is not the only difference between the two: the 200 difference between one and the other mainly affects internal technological components that make Xbox Series S a game-oriented console in 1440p resolution, but keeping the rest of the technical characteristics (such as the ray tracing hardware or SSD speed) virtually intact. You can see all the differences between Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S here.

It also does not affect the video game catalog: all the announced titles are compatible with either of the two models. In this article you can see one list of all video games that will accompany Xbox Series X and Series S at launch.


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