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So far, it’s torture, says Mick Schumacher about his first season in F1

Luca Bruno, ČTK / AP

“My point is that if I’m not the first, I don’t enjoy it. So driving at the very end of the field without real competition is really torture,” Schumacher admitted for the British Channel 4.

“That’s why I have to create my own Grand Prix in every race. So when Nicholas Latifi or George Russell are in front of me, for example, I take them as the leaders I’m trying to chase. It’s a game I have to set up in myself to stay motivated and he went for it 100 percent, “he admitted.

The busy Formula 1 calendar has a record number of races, Fernando Alonso and the name Schumacher are returning

Schumacher, who belongs to the Ferrari Academy, also got into F1 thanks to the championship titles in the F3 and F2 series, and the famous name returned with him to the prestigious series after nine years. Even before the start of the season, however, his Haas team declared that he would not invest too much in the development of his car this year and would rather prepare for the next year, when the new rules should come into force. But the young German is not afraid that his name will suffer.

I think I represent lucrative goods

“You can’t thank everyone, but I know my price. I know what I did to get here. It’s not just about my last name, but also about the potential genes I have. I think I’m a lucrative commodity and maybe have the best teacher. in the world, “said Schumacher.

In addition, his superiors in the Haas team know about the car’s weaker performance, which is why they do not put significant pressure on the talented driver in his first season in F1. On the contrary, boss Günther Steiner praised Schumacher for his ability to return in the last GP of Emilie Romagny after breaking the front wing on a wet track.

Schumacher is back! Mick wants to be like a father

“Mick did very well afterwards. Although we don’t have happy results yet, I’m glad we’ve taken a step forward. We’re here this year to make mistakes and get better results,” he added.

The next race, the Portuguese Grand Prix, will take place on May 2.

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