So promotions and demotions: Alberoro and Montagnano they get together. The full picture

Relegated from the Excellence in the Promotion, total block instead of all the demotions in tournaments, from Promotion to the Second category. Are promoted in the higher category all the first. Here are the decisions of the board of directors of the Regional Committee of National Amateur League (Lnd) of Tuscany.

In the meeting this morning at the Football Museum of Coverciano, has marked the end of the season 2019/2020 applying when established by the Federal Council and by the assembly of the Lnd.

Promotions – Alberoro and Montagnano hand-in-hand in Promoting

As determined by the tuscan committee they are promoted to the top category of the the first classified teams in the championship at the time of the interruption of the activity. In group L of the Second category celebrates the Pergine. In the case of the same points and the same number of games pass both. And’ the case of the group And of the First category, where Alberoro and Montagnano, rivals, and divided by a few hundred meters, come back arm-in-arm in the Promotion. In the case of parity or disparity of points with the races less is used average points. This has been the case of the Third category of arezzo with the Cavrigliaalready the winner of the Cup that goes in the Second. The process will be applied to the youth tournaments and provincial and regional.


Four teams come back from the D-series in Excellence (Ghivizzano, Ponsacco and Tuttocuoio between the tuscan), while the Excellence in the Promotion relegated to only one club per league (Rignanese and Virtus Viareggio). Nothing retrocession to the level of youth: neither provincial nor regional levels.

The rankings from the C series to the Third category | 2019/2020

Season 2020/2021: the beginning, the Cup and the under

The idea is that it starts within the first half of October, maybe Sunday, October 11, thus enabling the company to have more than enough time to be able to prepare in the right way and be able to organize the youth tournaments that have not been able to play in this season. Always in the period before the start of the championship will be played cup races. In the next few days will be prepared in the the final pass lists, of the merit and priority among the companies having the right to the altogether in the higher classes.

The Committee decided to limit (exceptionally) to a quota only (1998) the presence of young people in The first category“reads the press note. No block of fees in the Promotion and Excellence as the National Amateur League has decided to the normal flow (2000-2001-2002).

Increase in the group stage

It is clear that the block of the demotions and promotions guaranteed will be reviewed in the group stage. Almost certainly the transition to clusters with 14 clubs. In this way, theExcellence will three roundswhile the Promotion will switch to the four groupings. The enlargement of course it will also affect to the First and Second category.

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