So the Target of the Riots, What is the Function of the Capitol Building? This is the explanation page all

WASHINGTON DC, – On Wednesday (6/1/2021), supporters of the President United States of America ( AS) Donald Trump stormed over Capitol Hill, Washington DC, AS.

The action was also invading Capitol Building on Capitol Hill when the US Congress meets to certify Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 US presidential election.

Actually, what Capitol Building functions, who worked there, and what is the history of being the target of protests?

Reporting from The Scotsman, Thursday (7/1/2021), here are the functions of the Capitol Building, who works there, and its history.

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The Capitol Building is the meeting place of the US Congress and where laws are debated by the federal government.

Members of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate, two chambers of the US Congress, sit in the Capitol Building. The US House of Representatives sits on the north wing, while the US Senate sits on the south wing of the building.

When was the Capitol Building built?

The building has been around since 1800 and the US House of Representatives has sat in the building there ever since.

However, the Capitol Building is now a renovated version and is wider than it was when it was built. In 1850 a large dome and wing were added to the building.

Since then, the subway has also been connected to Capitol Hill to transport officials and staff.

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Reuters/Library of Congress The Capitol building was unfinished in 1857, when James Buchanan was sworn in as the US’s 15th president.

What activities are carried out at the Capitol Building?

The Inauguration of the US President takes place every four years at the Capitol Building.

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The inauguration ceremony is a major event and plays an important role in US politics, welcoming the newly elected president into office.

The US Congressional Meeting to validate the voting results of the Electoral College or the Electoral Council also takes place here.

Several presidents who died were also brought to the Capitol Rotunda, the area just below the dome, before being buried.

It was at the Rotunda Capitol that the community paid their respects, before the president’s body was buried.

Nationals who die but have made the name of the United States proud can also be brought to the building, to be paid their respects before burial.

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The United States (US) Capitol Building when it rained on Monday morning (23/3/2020), amid the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic in the country.Graeme Sloan/Sipa USA via Reuter The United States (US) Capitol Building when it rained on Monday morning (23/3/2020), amid the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic in the country.

In 2005, civil rights activist Rosa Parks was buried after the public paid their respects at the Capitol rotunda.

Washington’s basement (underground) can also be found in the Capitol, two floors directly below the Rotunda.

The arch was intended to be used as the final resting place for the US First President, George Washington.

However, the rubble was eventually converted after Washington wrote in his will and stated that he wanted to be buried at Mount Vernon.

On a daily basis, members of the DPR and Senate meet at the Capitol Building and their staff also work in the north and south wings.

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