Social Minister Risma Worried that Pandemic Will Make Children Selfish – Minister of Social Affairs, Tri Rismaharini said, the Covid-19 pandemic had a profound impact on the growth and development and changes in the lifestyles of children. As a result of learning that is done virtually at home, it actually makes children grow up selfish because the process of socializing and interacting with the school environment is lost.

“Do not let the children turn into selfish children because they do not socialize and interact with their friends,” said the Minister of Social Affairs. Risma in the Social Protection in Response Covid-19 webinar: Inclusive Social Protection and Services, Jakarta, Tuesday (23/3).

In addition, he is also worried that children will be less enthusiastic in undergoing learning programs. “Many then wake up late because they do not need to go to school and mothers change their patterns of life,” he said.

This distance learning model is often done by children while doing something. Starting from while taking a shower, waking up at noon, eating and so on. Not only that, many parents also complained about their children being bored because they had to be in the house.

“Then after all this time, the kids got bored,” he said.


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