[Société] Carrefour: customers withdrawn by mistake reimbursed between 20 and 24 November

On November 10, many Carrefour customers were debited two, three, sometimes even four times for the same transaction. The reason ? A worldwide computer bug that hit the company Ingenico, a Carrefour service provider which manages the computer flows of bank cards in supermarkets. Good news, this Friday, Carrefour announces that the thousands of aggrieved Reunionese customers will be reimbursed between today and next Tuesday.

4,000 falsified transactions were identified by the brand. Thousands of customers have had their bank accounts debited two, three or four times for the same purchase. Blame it on a global computer bug that affected Ingenico, the Carrefour service provider that manages credit card transactions.

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The problem is that neither Carrefour nor the customers’ banks were able to provide after-sales service, that is to say to reimburse customers because the responsibility for this error lies with a single party: the company Ingenico.

The company claimed that the origin of the bug had been identified and that customers would be reimbursed “ in good value date “. A process that will make it possible to cancel bank charges and technical incidents from banks. Promises but customers were still waiting to be reimbursed …

Well, it will be done shortly. This Friday by! In the afternoon, Carrefour announced ” bank card transactions incorrectly debited on November 10 and 11 were credited back to the banking system overnight from Thursday to Friday ».

Depending on the banks of the injured customers and their IT processing time, customers will see the amounts due for their accounts between Friday 20 and Tuesday 24 November..

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After apologizing to customers who were victims of this dysfunction, the brand explains why this reimbursement took so long ” the complexity of canceling operations for this bug, involving many different steps and stakeholders, explains why 10 days were needed to resolve the problem ».

And finally, the direction of the supermarket specifies ” Carrefour Sainte Clotilde guarantees full reimbursement of undue debits to all its customers and invites those who have not noticed a reimbursement by Tuesday 24 November at the latest, to come to the reception from Wednesday 25 November ».


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